In what ways can blockchain and cyptocurrency help the people of this world?

My this post is to take participate in the contest that is held by @ecotrain . theme of contest is Question Of The Week #27: In what ways can blockchain and cyptocurrency help the people of this world?
i am very much thankful to all @ecotrain community that they give us opportunity to talk on this topic. i made video to take participate in this challenge contest. so i shared my thoughts , views, that how blockchain and crypto technology is helping the people of this world. so we need to go to back many years to understand this question , so now world is going to change, and our thoughts and way of life is also changed so this time payment method and purchasing ,shopping style is also going to change.


This time I have tried to participate in the @ecotrain contest through video. And I've tried to explain my thoughts in detail.
At the moment, the world is moving very fast towards adventure, technology. Every day new inventions are being made in the world of technology. Twenty years ago today, no one could have imagined that mobiles and computers would change our lives in this way. I myself am a witness to the fact that twenty years ago no one in my city had a mobile and today everyone is using a mobile.

Today, android and smart phones have completely changed the lives of human beings.
Thus, if we go back many centuries, the necessities of life at that time would be traded in exchange for things.
This is how currency is used today.
Each region means the country has its own currency. Through which the people of there transact with each other.
Thus bitcoin and cryptocurrency are gaining popularity in the world today.

I also witness that ten years ago no one knew about cryptocurrency. And today thirty percent of the people in my city know about bitcoin.
And I think bitcoin and cryptocurrency are making a positive difference in the lives of people around the world.
Today many people are investing in cryptocurrency. Today many business websites are making payments to their employees in bitcoin.

This is how bitcoin and cryptocurrency are changing our lives.
Today we can send and receive money to our friends from any corner of the world without any hindrance.

Bitcoin has made money transfers easier. But the thing to think about is that despite all this, blockchain and cryptocurrency are helping to make our lives better and easier.
I have seen and know a lot of people who work on the internet. But they don't like to give their bank information like bank account information but now they like to receive their money through cryptocurrency.
Thus crypto and blockchain is a secure way to earn income and money. And that's the biggest benefit of this technology.

This way, with blockchains like #hive, and #leofinance, we can increase our daily income. when i was doing work on different task site , that time
I used to receive all my online earnings on an e-currency website I know . But one day e-currency bank had been closed and all the money of the people of the world was stolen and they ran away.
So now cryptocurrency is a safe way to invest.
We can keep money in blockchain instead of depositing money in bank. Because the banks take advantage of our money and give us their own money.

If we buy a thousand dollars of cryptocurrency today and deposit it on the blockchain, then hopefully a year later our investment can give us a huge return.

So today a lot of people are opening online shops. are Selling different products on the website.
And they are using cryptocurrency as a payment method from customer if any customer do not want to pay or share bank info so in this way cryptocurrency and blockchain is also helping us to make our life easy.
Thus many airline companies are also selling their tickets with crypto payments.
In many ways, crypto and bitcoin are changing the lives of human beings.

so i tried to talk on detail about many aspect that are helping us to make people life in all over the world. so hope you all will enjoy my talk on this topic

i am waiting for your comments, if you agree with me , never forget to share your thoughts under comments


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