Question Of The Week #27: In what ways can blockchain and cyptocurrency help the people of this world?

The million dollar question! Yes, yes, yes ... it is a yes multiplied by 1000 to infinity ... It is that the world has taken an overwhelming turn when cryptocurrencies are concerned, this parallel world that many human beings still do not know has currently become for a multitude in many things, the main ones:

1- Learning.
2- Entrepreneurship.
3- Family support.

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Yes! These three things, dreams and all the positive things we need, we visualize and plan, many times external factors beyond our control generate changes that modify reality, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Why Learning?

Knowing this wide world of the blockchain is something new for everyone from the day we heard that word ... we are all left in question and there begins the journey of acquiring new knowledge, what are cryptocurrencies? How can I get them? It is real? How do I change them to my local currency? Are electronic transactions secure? … Among many other things and we began to tremble but little by little growing until we took firm and strong steps.

Why Entrepreneurship?

When we know how important the world is in the blockchain, infinities of ideas begin to flow, trading, blogging, mining, among many others, begin to be our anchor to start new projects that generate incredible benefits to our lives.

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Why family support?

When new ventures flow and the changes are significant, this impacts the family economy, incomes higher than the basic salaries received in a common job make them take a back seat, new ideas flow and growth is better.

In conclusion, the life of every human being improves by immersing themselves in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, even if the person is unemployed, it is a great window with a view to infinity that will allow them to grow in all areas.

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A great example is Hive, this platform where you can monetize what you think, what you are in essence, allowing you to even meet millions of people worldwide with different cultures and beliefs that open an exchange of incredible ideas and knowledge, currently becoming A light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for reading, SUCCESSES AND BLESSINGS.

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