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What a beautiful response this week! It was heart-warming to read so many posts.. despite the very many difficult stories that you shared. This tie up post was for me like therapy to re-frame my perspective and personal challenges. It really does feel that if we take the time to look outward when we are focused on ourselves a lot, it really does help to make us feel differently about our own lives. There are countless blessings that we have, and its always good to remember that things can always be so much worse. SO i thank YOU all for responding with such love and light, and filling our community with your truly incredible wisdom and soul..


Even our own @riverflows, founder of @naturalmedicine, has been put into quarantine (she calls it quarantine prison). Not only did they have their traveling plans thwarted, having them stuck in another country of the UK for some time, but when they finally realized there would not be any traveling this year they got a ticket home to Australia where they have a lovely, productive acreage and family. But to add insult to injury, the Australian government requires you to go into quarantine in a hotel for two weeks. You can not self isolate at home like what they did on arrival to the UK but they had to go to the quarantine hotel with a small room that had no opening windows - yikes - doesn't sound like a very healthy place to me!


My grandparents lived through the second world war. I don't know much about how it must have been for them, they didn't talk about it much. For the most part, unless they were soldiers, most people would have had similar experiences, so for them I guess there wasn't much to discuss. However, for my maternal grandmother, experiences were a little different to what my English grandparents had, because that grandmother was born in Breslau, in East Germany.

For those who don't know, Breslau was in a part of East Germany which returned to Poland after the second world war. Grandma was born halfway through the first world war, to an educated, middle class family. Her father was an eye surgeon and her grandfather a doctor.


Remembering the struggles of my aunt and father

Oftimes we write only about ourselves but that is because we know best about our own struggles and despairs and troubles.

Have you ever wondered why we only think mostly about troubles and not the happy stuff? Maybe it is because we have been trained or taught to look out for the bad stuff rather than concentrate on the good.

It is time we remembered the good that is happening around us and feel better but for now, I am going to write about the struggles of a person who was very close to me. My late aunt.

When @nainaztengra mentioned the @ecotrain initiative, I had no idea what to write about but then I remembered about my late aunt - that is my father's younger sister who lived her life fully but it was not without pain.


Sometimes our lives are usually strong. We have difficult moments where we find ourselves in an abyss with no way out and we try to find a solution and we block ourselves. We do not find any possible alternative since our minds are closed.

Just as we feel, other people feel, but with a greater degree of difficulty in their problems, many times they are so serious that their minds cannot bear these emotions and they fall into depression, anguish and anxiety.

In the last few weeks, incredible things have happened to my patients because they come to my office to be listened to and receive encouraging advice to continue their lives and I have seen how there are people who have more serious problems than you and their strength is often unusual. I have many stories to tell you but I couldn't, so just select two for you


When we feel that we are descending into an endless hole, we look down and see that there are people rolling much lower than us and sometimes we don't even hear their moans.
In the words of @eco-alex: "There are times when we may feel sorry for ourselves, or are finding life too difficult with many challenges."
This is what our QOTW #9 is all about, based on the following reflections:

Is how we see our lives, rather than the actual details and stories we create more important? How we feel about our lives is what creates our reality, and whether we perceive ourselves as fortunate or unfortunate. Sometimes we can flick a switch just by remembering how fortunate we really are, and thinking and acknowledging others who really suffer is a very special and powerful way to do that. Would you like to flick the switch and change your world today?


This is so wonderful to write about someone else and not about your own self.
There are so many people around us who we come across, are struggling life but sometimes we do not get to know because they have such big smiles on their face that it is difficult to accept that the same person is have troubles in life.

I have come across many such people and sometimes it really amazes me the way they carry themselves and I want to give a big salute and lot of respect to such people, because that I believe is true dignity. Whereas it is the other way around also, but today let's talk and give respect only to these heroes.

Yes it is true that many a times for little little things we cry a lot and we make a big fuss over it and then we come across someone who is really fighting a big battle and still puts up a smile and no complaints plus a positive attitude is when we realize how lucky we are to not be in that place.

I have some multiple stories to share, so let me see how much I can today over here.

This is a story of one of my Neighbour.





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