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The question is easy to answer and it is really good to be true to express what burden I had 23, years ago. Sharing that closed life story and heart ached is like opening the scar coated in my heart but I'm willing to share for the sake of @ecotrain question of the week.

It's really hard to open the scar where I was wounded like crossing the knife at the bottom of my heart. For a reason, I wanna share it so everyone could pick a lesson.

Think twice before diving yourself to a conclusion.

I got married too early, my husband was a salesman and driver to a certain business in our place. I came to this place from my hometown to pursue my study in college supposedly. My Uncle had offered it and the grocery store of my Uncle was near to the store of my husband's employer.

The promised of my Uncle was one of the said, sound to be true but probably isn't.

All was in vain, I didn't know if it was my mistake or their mistake!

My hometown had no youngsters in addiction to using marijuana back 1987 onward. We the students were mostly paying well to the sacrifices of our parent though, I was a scholar and a working student.


The story i will share today isn't anything amazing that happened and the events turned but in a way an obvious job example that sounded too good to be true but wasn't!

A friend of mine a couple of months ago was actively searching for a job. He has a degree in economics but for the time being he just wanted something to do fast even if it wasn't relevant to his studies!

So scrolling through many job sites and sending a bunch of resumes, he came acrossa job post that amazed him. The job post was for a sales and marketing position without any prior experience needed and with a starting salary of up to 1000$ plus bonus for every sale!


There are 2 sides of a coin and likewise I always believe that there are 2 ways to look at everything in the universe.
Yes anything that is too good, we always feel suspicious about it, that how can it be true, because we are living in such times where trust is the biggest issue. Time and again we have been beaten up with trust issues and it is true to a great extent, that anything that comes up as too lucrative, too luring or too attractive is most of the time filled up with fraud.

Those attractive schemes of multiplying money. Invest 10K and in a year's time you will get 10 times the amount, we have come across all these schemes and it is so luring to buy into it, and these are all big time scams. I remember when I was very young I have fallen for these type of things.
I remember once in my very young days, I had received one of those fraud mails of, I have chosen you to be my successor and I wish to pass on my heritance to you since I have no one around and that if I share my my bank details the money will be transferred to me. I was so so lured into it that I was almost sending all my details and then my hubby fired me black and blue...hahaha...and that really shows my level of ignorance then.


Colby and Mallory had never been to Africa ...

What did they think about Africa and how did they get to Africa for the first time?

In 2011, Franklin (@mr-greens) from Cameroon, Africa connected with Colby from the Phoenix, Arizona – US via an online course during which Franklin shared a lot about his organization, @thegreens, with course mates. At that time, @thegreens’ active project was Beautiful Clean Green Schools (BECLEGS). Colby was inspired with the work of Franklin (@mr-greens) who always shared pictures, videos and blogs about his work. As such, Colby asked Ngalim if he and his fiancée Mallory can volunteer with his organization.

Young Franklin couldn’t believe two Americans could be inspired by his work and want to volunteer with him in Cameroon. This sounded too good to be true but by the way, how was Franklin going to accommodate, feed and live with these two western citizens? Not even his parents could believe two Americans wanted to visit and live with Franklin as well as volunteer for his organization.


If it sounds too good to be true it probably isn't?... This time, the question of the week leads us to explore how much we trust others, how much others are worthy of trust, how much we expose our faith to betting on the offerings of others which, however good they may sound, may turn out to be hollow scams, because as the world is the world, we human beings move on slippery ground when we trust strangers with some delicate matters. The tendency to deceive is very common in most human societies, and good faith is not always enough to distinguish a con man from an honorable person.

Therefore, when some offer sounds too good to be true, the natural reaction of most people is to be suspicious, to investigate, to ask for advice and any action that helps to clear up doubts, because unfortunately there are a lot of crooks hunting for the sucker of the day.

One hears so many, many stories of scams, "Chilean packages" and misleading offers that we become paranoids, skeptical, distrustful, or at least too cautious, and this causes us to miss real opportunities that require immediate action or decisions.


Sometimes in our lives we go through a variety of circumstances that we cling to because we believe in something and hope that this is true, sometimes it can be a job, having a house, receiving money, etc. But before continuing we are going to define what is a probability? we use this word a lot in our lives it is associated with science, chemistry and mathematics, it is a greater or lesser possibility that an event may occur, it may be based on hypotheses.

Many times we as people experience changes when creating our probabilities of life and we want to reach the top but for that to be true we must climb many ladders, get to where we want and believe that everything is possible.

We cannot live in the life of probabilities and hope that everything will go wrong or that we will not be fulfilled, according to the author Rick Warren of the Book A Life with Purposes, we all came to this planet to fulfill a mission. What is it? it is not known, this will be true or it will not be, in metaphysics and in Chinese culture our spirit comes to the planet with a mission corroborating what the author exposes in the book, not because we do not know it we cannot say that it is not true, in the verse of proverbs 6:28 it says Can someone walk on the coals without burning their feet ?, To know if we can achieve it we have to do it, we just have to try to achieve what we want


We have a saying that if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. With so many scams in this day and age it's a pertinent warning, but why have we reached this point where we have conditioned ourselves not to trust? Was it always this way?

Our natural instinct is often actually to believe what we're told, so I don't believe it was always this way. When we lived in tribes and villages we relied on one another for our survival and all knew each other, so it was in our best interests to look after one another. If someone offered to do something amazing for us then there was generally no need for suspicion, unless they were an outsider.

Now we don't know a lot of the people we're dealing with from day to day, but we also often don't have a community to turn to either, so we might default to trusting that others may have our best interests at heart and really, most regular people aren't out to scam us. However, they generally don't have reason to go out of their way for us either, so if they do offer something that seems to good to be true then the suspicion is there as to why they would, especially if it doesn't seem to be benefiting them. This creates something of a mental conflict.


Being back in a place, which for all its shortcomings provides me with generally pleasant temperatures and humidity, usually reliable internet, and most importantly lots of opportunities for sitting or lying down without getting dirty or being eaten up by insects. Oh, the simple pleasures of life...! It's only appropriate that under these conditions I get back into the habit of answering the QOTWs.

(Not) Too Good to Be True

This week's QOTW by @ecotrain wants us to relate our experiences where we encountered a classical case of too good to be true but in the end it wasn't. Wow, I could not have returned to a more challenging prompt! Here's why I think so:

Life is Too Good / Too Bad to Be True... But Many Time It Isn't

Yes, I have heard my share of precautionary tales of situations that seem just simply too good to be true, and in the end they turn out to be. Usually, this involves some con-artist-types setting up such a situation on purpose, in order to cheat gullible people out of their money. No doubt about that. But at the same time, there are at least as many stories showing the opposite: how life can indeed seem like a too good to be true scam, until it turns out to be completely real, offering you to have your cake and eat it at the same time, or similar incredible deals.


Trusting in the Power Of Manifestation

Its just too good to be true!

We’ve all heard that saying many times, because how could certain things happen than easily, I mean life is not that easy, we all need to work and strive towards greatness. You certainly can’t expect things to just fall in your lap. Or can you?

We are wired to believe that life is a struggle and that we need to work our asses off in order to get what we want. We are programmed that way and it all starts in school . Because we are easier to manipulate, if we depend on others to make things happen for us. There is no benefit for the powers that be, if we actually believe we have the power to make things happen just by asking for it, just by putting it out into the universe.

They would have little control over us if we all believed in the power of manifestation. From a young age we are taught to distrust this side of ourselves. Denying us of a huge part of our intelligence, the part that governs our intuition, our emotions and our imagination. Instead we are encouraged to develop our logical and rational side.


Isn’t it? Wow there's an opportunity to go back and look at some events that have happened in my life, and 46 years is enough for me to be able to say with my hand on my heart.. that trusting people has almost always returned such amazing gifts, that the negatives pale into insignificance. I see and understand the power of positivity, to not only re-frame our perspectives on life, but even to cause great and positive changes in people as a result. I have worked with and for people who have a terrible reputation for being very 'naughty;' shall we say. Two of them were the kind of business men who would always find a reason to not pay someone, even if its based on pure lies. I’m happy to say that despite some warnings from others, they always acted with honour and were always VERY generous with me, far more than they normally were with others.

I hope this all doesn’t sound like i am boasting or something.. im not. I really to want to share with you these gifts that I have discovered on my path, which has led me around the world where i have lived and interacted with SO many cultures and people of almost all religions. Generally speaking I trust everyone I meet first, and then may decide to rescind that trust based on something they say or do, or because i have a feeling not to trust them. Until that happens i tend to be Very open, share a lot, and send them positive energy and words and love. I believe this personal and very open and giving nature is very disarming to others who may not be used to it. People seem to feel and trust me instinctively, and i feel very humbled and happy to have connected with people who really do get me, in a heart level and not an intellectual level.



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