Question Of The Week #27: In what ways can blockchain and cyptocurrency help the people of this world?

From @ecotrain

This is only about what I understand about blockchain. You can see most of my posts were not about crypto. I found it hard to tell you the truth. I just learned crypto from steem to hive. My knowledge is just limited that for sure most of you here knows more compared to me. The question seems interesting and I wanted to share my experience and became my belief the great potential of crypto in today's world.


Unlike working in someone's businesses or establishments. Our money in blockchain will be the same. It will just depend on how much you will invest in it. The money you will earn will not be the same as what you've earned yesterday. Working in someone means the salaries will be the same. But in blockchain, it will depend on how much hard work you'll put into it. Maybe it's an advantage when you have more money in your pocket because of how much you will invest. But in the world of crypto, there are many ways how to earn more. There are games, platforms like ours, etc. You can still earn by just investing the effort.

We all aware of how playable is crypto. Sometimes it goes higher the value or it gets lower. But the thing is you will still earn if you just know how to do it. Even a person without a certificate can become rich because crypto is available for everyone. It's your own responsibility how to deal with it. You finished a Bachelor's degree or not as long as you've studied crypto. You are welcome here and you have the right to earn here. Just a matter of patience and extra hard work. Making strategies could be better to get more money in your pocket.


Imagine you'll put your money in the bank to save it. Don't expect for it to grow because it will only be added with 0.0001 something in there. The bank will be the one to earn more by using your own money. It's your money but when you want to have it you can't have it right away. You need to sign, you need to pay and you need to wait for it. You'll be lucky when you can have your money just by 1 hour. What if you will have something to do? You can't because you need to wait for your own money.

However, in the crypto world, it's a bit risky. Well, it's always like that anyway. Even in the bank, there's a possibility that your money will be lost. It's the same but when you're not in crypto you will not trust it because of your fear to lose your money. Enough for being cautious and hear me.

You can escape the hassle when you want to have your own money. As long as you have the internet, with a minute you can have it. The good thing about crypto because when you want to buy something you can buy right away. When you want to eat, to have clothes, to send money from your siblings. You can do it right away because you're the one who controls your own money. No need to go to a certain place to send money. Just get that address and right away your money will be there. We are a new generation where everything should be an instant.


Isn't it too much when the government already got taxes from us? We already paid taxes by working. Maybe we must think that our money should not be lessened. Place your money in the bank and when you want to withdraw there will be taxes from it. Send money from another person, there will be taxes for sure. You can just ignore the taxes of food because we are eating it. Do you know that kind of thinking? Just let it be as long as you are full.

Instead of paying more taxes from everywhere where we send and receive money. You should just place your money in the blockchain where the amount of payment is low. You don't need to pay more and different types of taxes because they're paying taxes from the government as well. Unlike in crypto that we will only pay the small amount of using their apps, wallet or whatsoever. You will just be paying a single person or company and that company will not be under from the government. Of course, the tax from using their services will not be too much.

Even now blockchain and cryptocurrency are helping me to earn all the money I earned from it. If people will not just be afraid in the world of crypto. They will know that there's easy money in crypto. For example like me, crypto helps me a lot even if for now I'm jobless. I didn't invest money, only hard work. I still earn every day even if not that much. Crypto will help people to earn money not by depending on the government or private companies.

Someday the crypto will teach the people not to be smarted by the government. People will understand that it's better to earn when no one is holding some of your money. It will be us to decide how much money we will pay in our insurance or other necessary payments. Crypto will tell the people that your money should not be taken from you slowly until nothing left.

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