In what ways can blockchain and cyptocurrency help the people of this world? (EcoTrain QOTW 27, My part)


There are many differences between the technology of today and the technology of the past. Even about 20 to 30 years ago we had nothing to say about blockchain. But in the last 20 years we have seen several revolutions in the field of technology. As touchscreen technology has come into our hands, we are enjoying new discoveries in technology. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are, in my opinion, one of the most important of these inventions. As far as I know blockchain is helping and harming people all over the world in various ways. So, in this Question of the Week I will try to say something (three points) about this from my experience and little knowledge.


The importance of time

It is often said in words that time is money. That is, if we have time, it is equal to my earnings or losses. This means that if I spend an hour somewhere, I will get money, just as if I sit for an hour or do no work or do any necessary work, then I will be deprived of earning this one-hour time. And maybe that's why time is called money.

In addition to the advancement of technology at the present time we notice several bad aspects of technology. As we who live in Bangladesh, here I can see young boys and girls and even the elderly has been reading with mobile phones for a long time. Are they doing any important work on mobile? Or learning or sharing a lot of important? Not at all.


99% of the people I have seen among my relatives, friends and neighbors use apps like Facebook, YouTube, Imo and Likee on their mobiles most of the time. I also use it occasionally. But the funny thing is that a long time is wasted from this app. And these apps attract people in such a way that no one understands when and how their time is being wasted here. From long-term observations, I have come to realize that spending time on these social media sites is like wasting your precious time. So I don't like this kind of social media at all.

Let's talk about blockchain and cryptocurrency based social media or blogging sites. We don't get as much return as other platforms. But as long as I give time here, that time will bring some results or rewards. So, I would say blockchain and cryptocurrency know how to value people's time. And people will definitely run towards blockchain and crypto. And I hope that in the future we will have only blockchain and cryptocurrency-based media in front of us. Many people are adapting to these media day by day. The future of those who value and evaluate time is very bright and the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency is bright as it is benefiting people by valuing this time.

Sharing of Knowledge:

I think blockchain based platforms are one of the main tools of knowledge sharing. This means that people from different parts of the world and from different classes and professions are coming together and sharing their own culture and knowledge. In this way, through this platform, everyone is able to maintain a communication with everyone and bring the world in the palm of their hand. So blockchain and cryptocurrency-based platforms as one of the means of exchanging knowledge are teaching people new technologies and cultures as well as making people eager to learn new things. Its secured enough.


Flourish Expertise

Many of us are good at many things. For example, someone can draw pictures, someone can write content, someone can do programming, someone can develop the web, someone can take good pictures. So, I think blockchain and cryptocurrency give everyone a chance to develop their talents from their respective places. Like I do cooking. So, it is helping me to learn and teach different types of cooking. Whoever has skills in that field can easily express it here and he is able to earn income by expressing this. And this opportunity has made the world a blockchain and cryptocurrency.



The blockchain and cryptocurrency is the best and have prosper in future.

Thank you very much for reading my post.

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