Question Of The Week #27: In what ways can blockchain and cyptocurrency help the people of this world?

Since we've had the glimpse of the new age, which is blockchain and cryptocurrency right in our palms right now. The best thing to do is guard the future and make sure the next generation profit and makes the best of it.

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What many don't know is that blockchain is more than having a fraction of Bitcoin and keeping it for future use. The usefulness of the blockchain far exceeds that. What people aren't telling each other are the many underlying benefits deep inside the blockchain, the miracle of scalability as rapid that the NASA scientist can't comprehend or catch up with. The wall street guys still can't catch up with the revolution of many crypto projects and how they are performing so well. There many evil prediction hasn't come to pass concerning Bitcoin, and it never will.

This post is meant to say more on the many benefit and how cryptocurrency can be of advantage to this World.

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1. Transparency

With a lot of shroudy deals going on, in the finance sector and even politics, the common man is clamoring for a way he can see through things without his life being in danger of being on the frontline carrying placard or being monitored by the big brother. If we can have a transparent goverment who will carry us along on every policy they are making, this will be very good.

More about the blockchain is decentralization, a free for all platform for everyone to express himself and possibly a consensus before taking any actions, as against the senate making rules which is not for common man.

Furthermore, blockchain aids transparency when it comes to voting, with a structure in place, which is the blockchain, we can be assured that cases such as the Chinese or Russia having an effect on the US election doesn't come to play anymore.

Needless to say that, African countries will be free too from incessant election rigging there making the government to be accountable.

Proper Data Record and Analysis

We are looking at an age where information grow so rapid for the human mind not to e able to catch up. We are now in an era called Future Shock with many not being able to comprehend how fast technology is going and how they can access.

Blockchain bridges the gap by bringing proper data record to all those who needs it, through the worldwide ledger properties of the blockchain. We can all have access to our record and from there analyse it for our good.

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Full Control Of Your Money

Do I really need to talk about this one, the global recession in previous times has automatically proven this point that the money we keep in the bank is for the banks interest and not for the interest of the common man.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency make you have full control of your money, the global recession doesn't have any effect on it, neither is the wall street. Your life savings are saved, if it's deposited in crypto.

A Rapid Upscaling

There are so many business that lack funding and access to fund for start-ups. Banks aren't ready to put up with them due to many factors. The blockchain gives start-ups a pedestal which they can stand on and launch there projects, even have angelic investors bring there dream into fulfilments.

To be sincere, this generation is just starting to scratch the surface of what lies deep inside the blockchain. The benefit for this world has no bound but these are the little I could come out with now. Blockchain is limitless.


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Question Of The Week #27: In what ways can blockchain and cyptocurrency help the people of this world?

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