Question Of The Week TIE UP POST #13: Observation vs Judgement: Do you know the difference?


We asked and you answered! As always your posts were enlightening and brought up several things that i had not even considered! Oh judgement.. what a finicky and subtle act of... dare it call it aggression, or perhaps projection? Whatever judgement is, ive learned now that’s its not what we say or do, but how we say it and how we feel about it. When we look unto another with critique, perhaps it is ourselves that we are judging. Perhaps we judge others because we are judging ourselves. We are brought up to learn this is good and that is bad, that one behaviour is to be rewarded and another punished. What would we be like if we were raised differently, in a world of acceptance and pure observation? If our parents did not judge us, i wonder if we would still judge others!


Thank you to all who took part this week. I hope you enjoyed writing and learned something. If you are interesting in this topic please do check out some of the posts below that you resonate with. There are some jewels below, what a wise bunch you all are!

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This got me to thinking where the boundary between observation and judgement is?

For example, I could argue that noting that the apple is red, just that, is in fact a judgement - as it involves me doing something other than just observing the object - in order to state that the apple is red, I have to 'judge' that there is a discrete thing called an 'apple' and that it has a 'red quality', and then if I am going to go on and make a statement, I'm judging that statement is worth making - implying it has some value because I want someone to hear it.

There is possibly a lot of judgement going on here, when at the level of 'pure observation' I am literally just observing the object - the apple is like the candle or the breath in classic meditation terms, it may be something we label 'apple' and 'red' but these are of no concern if I am just observing, the labels are extras, human constructs, designed to differentiate the apple and the red from the pear (or sky) and the blue, or whatever other colour, and labeling things involves discrimination, or judgement.



A good opportunity to reflect on issues that underline our levels of tolerance, empathy, and acceptance of the self and other's views. This QOTW promises to explore our ability to discern shades in a color that lends itself to camouflage. What is a judgment for you and what is racism? Do/should we share a common definition of these terms? Do you think we generally understand what the difference is between judgment and observation?

Humans are such complicated beings that when there are no points to a good discussion, we argue with ourselves about topics that reveal us internally and tone down our lights and shadows. Therefore, it is difficult to define the line that separates a judgment from an observation because they are intermingled and will appear to be what emerges in the optics of the receiver.


@Ecotrain has raised this very complicated question this week.

Okay, it may not be so complicated for you but to me the nuances of it has often perplexed me. When I first heard this term, it was really difficult for me to understand what "judging others" mean?

I feel, judging or making an opinion upon our observations of facts, on the basis of our past experiences with similar observations is quite natural to us. We are right sometimes but may also be wrong at other times.

We normally make judgements or conclusions on the basis of our past knowledge, experiences and our belief system . When we are right, we get re-assured and strengthen our existing belief system but when we are wrong again and again, then we are compelled to


Oh how powerful it is, to take the time to observe, to watch how the earth interacts with us and how we interact with her. How magically it is to observe our children as they navigate this world, as they test the waters and discover who they are. How important it is, to observe and then take a step back and just let them be.

We will never really understand who we are, unless we take the time to observe how we interact with others,with the world and with ourselves. Taking the time to observe our emotions, to sit with them, to acknowledge them and be grateful for what they have taught us.


The difference between Observation and Judgement?

It is certainly a difficult subject to deal with and very delicate because when instead making an observation we are giving a judgment, at that precise moment we are hurting the feelings of our interlocutors and without realizing it we risk even to bully them, if not to discriminate.

But I want to try to give my opinion being a woman and mother of two girls who will have to face many judgments in the future even if only to be women.
It seems absurd but in 2020 we are still very far from gender equality at least in my country and we still have to talk about discrimination when it comes to women. It is even more absurd that there are still people forced to face racial discrimination.


There is a good saying "How we Judge Others Is How We Judge Ourselves"
Is it possible that we only observe and not judge?
To an extent yes I do believe that we make fast conclusions on judging people based on our own behavior and actions. Our instincts are very instant, it is not common that we pause and just observe. External factors are always controlling our thoughts and behavior, and the curiosity builds it up. So we get into judging and forming opinions based on the outer appearance of people and things i.e. body language and behavior. We relate the same with our's and do not shy off to make judgments.
Can we maintain neutrality by just observing people, situations and not form any opinions? Difficult but not that hard also.


In life observation and judgement is oftentimes misplaced and this is because no one really understands the true intent of a person that's that makes a statement. In other words, the tone of a statement is what matters or determines the true intent of a statement and sometimes people are often too hasty in digressing the stance of a person. So one thing that differentiates an observation from a judgement is the tone through which it's said. This two words can be largely ambiguous despite it meaning two things entirely, however it's because of the meaning which we as humans synonymize to it. For example if I say fEMale nurse are MonStERS and it I say Female nurses are monsters



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