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I'm really happy to see so many people joined in this week! I think it's fair to say we are all ready for change, and in so many ways! The environment was a common theme, and rightly so, now IS the time to make the changes so many people have been pushing for. Food production was another theme that a lot of us brought up. There are SO many ways to make food, even with a tiny space and even no soil. All we have to do is plant seeds and watch abundance grow. So, please do check out some great posts below!

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"No one bathes in the river twice"
Change is a constant in every person's existence, and yet we are so afraid of it. Change implies getting out of the comfort zone and many times adapting to the new situation becomes complicated. However, when there are no options, when there is no way to avoid the situation that presses for change, we are left with nothing more than following the tide, dodging the dangerous waves and keeping an eye on the new waves; because there will be them.

Minimalistic lifestyle

Having been in lockdown for a long period of time you may have realised you really don't need a lot in life. Often our lives are burdened by too many possession. Shall I wear the green foral dress today, or the yellow one with black polka dots?


People say BC has taken on a totally different meaning. Everyone now knows what it was like Before Covid-19. But what will it be like after? Since we're still IN Covid-19 all we can do is to hope everyone rides it out. Whilst we're doing that, it might to useful to think about what sort of changes or lifestyle we want to see for our future.

Minimalistic lifestyle

Having been in lockdown for a long period of time you may have realised you really don't need a lot in life. Often our lives are burdened by too many possession. Shall I wear the green foral dress today, or the yellow one with black polka dots?


I have already been sharing this answer with my readers in several of my publications. However, I will focus my response at this time on the following sentence: If there is a word I would use to describe COVID19 it would be CHANGE! For me, life is that ... a dynamic process of transformation A dynamic process of continuous transformation where we as systemic beings must have the best relations with our environment, starting with ourselves and each of our cells, organs and systems to the interactions we have daily with other living beings and with the components of our Mother Earth, our #pachamama.

In this post, I have already answered part of that question: "A sunrise ... is a new opportunity of life, a new chance to transform my being from my doing ..."


One day, humans will conquer the corona virus pandemic, but the world after it will certainly not be the one before the pandemic. With the painful deaths due to the corona virus, there have been countless threats at the social, economic and political level that will have to be paid and the changes will give direction to the world in the coming days.

The environment is everything that surrounds us. After the Covid pandemic it is learnt that human can not leave his environment uncontrolled accessed and cheated. The concept of environment encompasses the natural environment, flora and fauna, including man, in the totality of interactions, and cultural heritage as part of the environment created by man.

The environment is subject to constant changes that can be caused by natural causes such as: soil erosion, earthquakes, floods, fires and anthropogens: urbanization, industry, transport, population growth, waste accumulation and others.


Honestly I would not like to see much of change after the Covid19 if I had a choice, but then that's not possible. We have reached to such roads in the history of humanity with this experience that when this gets over (hopefully) we may find ourselves into a complete different world. The other side of the fence. The grass always looks green on the other side, but we all know that when you get on the other side, reality hits. Things are not going to be the same for a very long time.


There are so many things people should do and not only the government would make it. If we help each other we could easily recover from the loss we had during the lockdown. Anyway, coronavirus19 is a kind of disease that killed thousands and there's news that it killed millions. I don't know what is the exact story. It kills people all over the crowded world. It kills human but it healed the universe.

Who is to blame? If it is true that this is a man-made virus? Why they did it? Perhaps, they made it as a silent killer rather than making a bomb. I'm not an expert person who knows the truth. Whatever it is, I already knew a long time ago according to the Bible that we have to pass the 7 great tribulations before the coming of our Saviour God. If it is true, what should we do? How could we change it? Or how could people take the chances if we survive and overcome the way of life we have now?


From a personal stand point I would love the entire medical sphere to be upgraded. If there is one thing we have learned through all this is that health, indeed, is the most important thing. We need to prioritize medical facilities and personnel over other things. That means making sure everybody has the right to be healthy at any given time, at any given situation. From having an insurance, to making sure the hospitals are equipped sufficiently, making medicines a necessity and not a commodity for trade, improving the quality of life for personnel from salaries, work hours, required paperwork to facilities provided, and restructuring the national budget to include medical expenses before all.


Emerging from a war unscathed is impossible, and that is what Covid19 feels like – a war on humanity by a tiny little virus known as Coronavirus or Covid19.

My hope and dreams are that the lessons learned during this pandemic are going to continue post-Covid19.

We all know very well that we&'ll be entering a very much changed world and I hope that I am not being too idealistic but this is what I would like to see…


Mindful Monday - Of Changes, Choices and Moving in a Positive Direction...

@NaturalMedicine had a new challenge out - funny thing, I had looked at the graphic and headline for the new Natural Medicine Challenge and just went with what came into my head, not reading the text for what the challenge was really about. I had gone in a completely different direction but a good direction! Initially this was to be my entry to After the Virus Challenge - details here but now I'll share with you as my #MindfulMonday post!


If I had to sum it up in a word I would say DECENTRALISATION! This past year I have been really realising the many ways that centralisation has failed us. The whole approach of centralisation is what has failed us. The repercussions of it on business, the economy, government, and just about everything else are evident in all our modern day problems, including COVID19.

We now have a unique opportunity to rebuild our world and they way we live. Please realise, it is up to YOU now, and not them to create your new world. They are too busy trying to prop up their failing system to be able to help you decide how to lead or change your lives.

So, the changes I would like to see happen after COVID19 are mostly related to a decentralized approach to the oh so many issues we have on our plate. Let me go through them one by one:


The 8 Pillars of Abundance Tribe


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