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This week I was surprised because this was a challening question in many ways.. but you guys REALLY stepped up to the plate... I truly learned some great lessons, and many of these posts were beautiful gifts. If you want to understand more about intinmacy then these posts are for you! Its always so interesting to read your different opinions, and discover the things we have in common as well as our own unique perspectives.

Thank you to all who took part, and I’m happy to report that many of the posts have received some great up-votes from ecoTrain and our new collaboration with OCD.

We invite more and more people to join our ecoTrain community to know and learn all about sustainable lifestyle and living. Ultimately we want you to be free to live in a way that supports your deepest human nature and desires. To do this we need to shift to a new paradigm, and we are currently on the precipice of great change owing to the massive upheavals caused by COVID19. I believe we must come back to our roots, and fulfil our most primal needs. Most important of these is to live in a supportive community that fosters healthy relationships and dynamics, and be self sufficient! Therefore, we are here to support your posts that cover topics relating to sustainability, off-grid living, Permaculture, homesteading, healthy cooking, holistic healing, and more.. The ecoTrain also supports the creation of real world ecoVillages in Portugal and beyond. The time has never been more ripe for us to attain real security and to become self sufficient.

With much love to all, let's see what our gems have to share with the ecoTrain community.


The human being is essentially social, the first hint of madness of a person is the loss of their ability to communicate with other people, the human being needs to always share with other human beings and this is made easier for us by our capacity for structured language that no other living being has, animals can communicate by expressing emotion, alerts, calls, etc., but they cannot transmit a story, an experience.

Our communications can be superficial, personal or intimate.

Intimacy has many nuances but we can say that the human being is communicative in its essence.

In a Mexican podcast without specifying very well where or who made this characterization, the public space such as the one that goes beyond three meters from our person, the social space is the one that extends from one and a half meters, the intimate space is the one that comes after 50 cm, that is, when is with a person at 50 cm or less one is in his intimate zone with another person, suddenly with our friends we are perhaps able to talk from the meter and a half since this is the limit of the personal plane where one shares, then We can classify by levels:


This is a very hard question to answer because we humans are really bad at understanding or talking about our emotions. In fact, we do not even have language to describe what we need in the emotional realm.

In the QOTW post, the author uses "intimacy" to mean two very different things. One is another word for touching others, and the second is talking about a connection (mental / emotional) with another.

We can see intimacy everywhere, it seems to be something far more than just human nature.

I rarely see intimacy anywhere. What i see, and the questioner sees is a low level touch based connection. You could call this low-grade, or first tier intimacy.

Intimacy to me is an opening up, a being vulnerable to change and being changed by another person who is capable of opening up, and is reciprocating.


I would Like to thank @ecotrain first for give us a chance to write about that topic.

I would like to present my participation in the ecoTrain Question Of The Week.
What is intimacy to you? Do you need it to be happy? How do you fulfill your intimacy needs .. especially during COVID19?

The home quarantine period was difficult for everyone, and we had to find something to remove from us the depression and boredom that came suddenly without any introduction.
In the beginning, you had to convince yourself that it is necessary to coexist and adapt to the situation regardless of developments, so I began to search for familiarity that might help in overcoming this crisis.


Hola terrícolas ¿cómo están? Hoy me uno a éste reto que hace la comunidad ecotrain, hoy se trata sobre sobre "la intimidad" si quieres participar haz click

aquí y les invito a hacerlo. Mientras yo comenzaré a desarrollar el tema, respondiendo a mi manera las directrices y ellos en el reto como principal pregunta: ¿Que es la intimidad para usted? para mi son esos momentos especiales que se pueden tener con nuestros seres amados, y pueden variar en diferentes aspectos: pareja, hijos, familiares, amistad y cosas.


Hello Earthlings, how are you? Today I join this challenge that the ecotrain community does, today it is about "privacy" if you want to participate click here and I invite you to do so. While I will begin to develop the theme, answering the guidelines in my own way and they in the challenge as the main question: What is privacy for you? For me they are those special moments that can be had with our loved ones, and they can vary in different aspects: partner, children, family, friendship and things. But intimacy is only achieved with someone we trust or something with which one feels comfortable, which allows a feeling that is almost always based on trust to flow in any relationship and it can vary in aspects, because we do not consider everything,


And these are my answers:

1. What is intimacy for you?

Intimacy for me consists of the thoughts and feelings that we carry inside that we only know ourselves and of course God, from whom we cannot hide anything, perhaps we can also share part of our intimacy with our colleagues or closest friends, but it depends on the degree of trust that such people show us. 2. Do you need it to be happy?

I believe that we all need in our life to be intimate with someone, not only in sexual relations, which is the most common example in terms of intimacy, understanding that such intimacy should only involve such people in what is said and done, not come out of any of them, this type of intimacy does not bring happiness but rather in the bible it is spoken of as a "delight" but it is also very pleasant, but it does not make us happy; Have trusted friends with whom we can vent by sharing with them some intimate situations in our life, of any kind.


Intimacy is a linguistic term that, in some ways, reflects much of the burden of feelings and emotions that it encompasses. There is so much in "intimacy" that it is difficult to describe in the right words, but it seems to me that its name tries to give us an idea of love, closeness, communion, protection, trust, familiarity, and magic contained in a colorful wand. This QOTW is beautiful in itself because it delves into one's inner self and allows the expression of what flutters in our head about this which, being internal, is externalized in a way that respects everyone and everything around us.

And I say respectful because I feel that it starts from respect for oneself, from the acceptance of our energetic being that seeks to know and enjoy openness, vulnerability, and honesty.


What is intimacy for you?

It is a characteristic on a personal level that is related to our interior, directly associated with the feelings in the depths of our being.

It is the essence of a super strong relationship, well blended! where the main ingredient is trust, the same that we could have with people we select, not with everyone! whether in our family environment, group of friends or any other person who is directly related to us and wins that position for their positive attitude and loyalty.


Hello This is my participation at @ecotrain Question

There is an English proverb that says "Tidy House, Tidy Mind", and the meaning of saying that arranging and organizing are among the most important things we must do in order to enjoy a clear mind and the ability to create and create.

Today we urgently need to apply this saying, especially since we are quarantined in our homes, we work in them and spend the whole day moving from our places, this pattern is new and it has not happened before, and there is a great fear on the part of psychiatrists that a large number of people will suffer from mental illnesses and collapses Nervousness and depression during and after the home quarantine period due to the spread of Corona.

There are several things that specialists and logic advise to follow during this period, away from sitting on the sofa and watching a movie or documentary on "Netflix", which is also suffering from pressure to watch, which prompted it to replace its broadcasting with low resolution.

Firstly, it is very important to wake up at a certain time every morning, just as you are preparing to go to work, prepare yourself and wear comfortable clothes that facilitate movement, have your coffee, set in mind a daily program, and if you work from home, organize your day and your contacts at work, and take Take a break from time to time.


Intimacy does not always lead to sexuality, and I think many people confuse these terms, intimacy can be linked to a very close friendship or trust relationship, or also to personal relationships with our families, partners, parents or children. For me, intimacy goes beyond just the trust that can exist between people, whether they are family or friends because it is linked to feelings in my view. I cannot have an intimate relationship with someone if there is no trust, as well as the levels of intimacy with each person, which can vary.


The word intimacy is from the Latin "intus" which means inside. For me intimacy is privacy, many times we as human beings that we are need our personal intimacy to find ourselves, or we can also have intimacy with God, many times we think that intimacy can be to have a relationship with another person but it is not like that, in the workshops that I give when we talk about intimacy is our being as such is to share with ourselves, with friends and with my family, we can find an emotional intimacy when I have a clash of emotions and we need to be alone to put our thoughts in order or simply we want to express what bothers us without anyone cohering us.

When we recreate ourselves and want to be alone between nature and your being that is another type of intimacy, intimacy requires several factors among that trust between a group of people, respect, sincerity because within that can be immersed the values we acquire in our lives.


In life we as humans crave intimacy because it entails a physical and spiritual closeness between us, our friends, loved ones our families and even our immediate environment. I somehow feel intimacy resonates differently for different people however at the end of the day it all boils down to the same feeling of craving for nearness to things we deem valuable and relatable to us in a sentimental way. As for someone like me, this is what I define intimacy as. Truth is, there are times the world becomes boring and meaningless and it's the littlest of things we do with people we've become acquainted with that makes it lively, interesting and worth living for. A simple smile from your 2-years old, or a most memorable dinner date with your crush


Intimacy is a feeling between two people but it doesn't mean that it's all about sex. It is the way how you render trust to someone and being trusted. There would be an intimidating relation arises through intimacy from certain friends or family members.

For me, during my 7 years of marriage, I really treasured the intimacy of my husband. He did everything that we need being husband and wife. Not knowing that it was just a short period of time for us. We were living straight for 7 years day and night.

After that, my destiny brought me away from them, both my husband and child. I stayed here in a distance and one day he died. It was too painful. To be true, the first time I was away from my husband, I didn't sleep quickly. I was too young at 27 years of age. It's normal to have my desires for my husband and as a mother to my only son who was 7 years old.

I was almost got insane. My body weight was reduced from 65 to 48 kilos. I knew the reason why. It was probably so painful but I survived.


Happy day and a big greeting to this great community to which I join , and I accompany today with my contribution to #EcoTrain question of the week.

I have always associated the word privacy with the privacy of each individual. It is the internal side that each person carries with himself, I think that our privacy is something that we must protect and ensure that it is not entirely available to third parties.

It is clear that when we talk about intimacy we should not refer to or associate it only with sex, we can have intimacy with many people, for example: when we say, he is my closest friend, in this case we refer to a friendship maintained by two people who They share secrets and experiences that we can only entrust to that person with whom we have an intimate relationship.


When we think about intimacy, we may tend to think about the intimacy between two people and how important it is to share moments of intimacy so your relationship can grow. But Intimacy is so much more that physical expressions of love. It is the connection we feel with the people we love and trust, the connection we have with the environment we grow up in and now live in.

It is certainly not, something that always comes easy and we tend to suffer a lot, if it is something we have little experience of. Intimacy is something that frames our lives, from the presence of it, to the lack there of it.

But most important, is the intimacy, that we have developed with ourselves. Because how can we ever expect to share true intimacy with others, if we first have not explored it with ourselves.

When you become intimate with others , you first have to lower your barriers and allow them to see you for who you really are. Of course there are different types of intimacy, that can be experienced between two people, different ways of expressing them. But it all begins when we open ourselves up, and this is where self intimacy is so important. Because to really open up, you have to first, become comfortable with yourself. To explore and discover who you are and accept yourself. This is journey that you go on and one that ends in self acceptance and self love.


What is intimacy for you? Do you need it to be happy? How do you meet your privacy needs ... especially during COVID19?

Privacy is a unique and incomparable space, it is like a very particular bubble of each one, which reflects what our soul needs

It allows us to get to know each other and delve into the depths of our being ...

We have intimacy with our SELF

That it is a unique connection, it gives us the answers we need, the advice and the needs of our soul that we silence during the day to day due to our occupations and automations



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