Question Of The Week #27: In what ways can blockchain and cryptocurrency help the people of this world?

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Another interesting question from @ecotrain!

There are probably countless ways to help people around the world using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. I will share my personal views about this topic in this post. If you want to join this week's question yourself, here's the link.


Empowering people

During the last summer, when I registered as an entrepreneur again, I also had plans to give some workshops about writing on the blockchain.

Not specifically focussed on how to get rich writing on the blockchains, but more focussed on the endless possibilities that are out there in this world of blockchains and decentralized apps built on them. Many people have no idea that there's something else out "there" than the usual social media channels where you can post things, share them and like them but often are stuck in your own circle of people that read it.

Although I wasn't too active writing here during the period that this idea came to mind, I did see the possibilities that HIVE brought me and it was only because of my other job that I didn't focus on this immediately. I had the plans to roll out this idea around October/November, not taking into consideration that there might be a second wave (wishful thinking haha). So slowly this idea faded to the background again. I will probably proceed with it but then in another form: online or wait until next spring when I expect things to be calmer regarding restrictions.

So far I've reached out to talented people that seem to be stuck on sharing things on the main social media channels quite a few times. I explained to them that they can monetize their talent if they share it on the blockchain and that I would be happy to create an account for them to get them started. I noticed that reaching out online is by far not as effective as sharing my thoughts in real life face to face with someone. But it will have to do for now.

I've already worked on some lesson material that they can use as a sort of guide and I shall proceed with this plan at some point when I'm seeing an opportunity to present it the way I think it will work best. I'm not too familiar with online tools as Zoom yet to do so, and I prefer waiting for the option to give these workshops in real life. Everything is already digital nowadays that I honestly long for some human contact with talented and inspiring people.

No discrimination

Blockchain doesn't discriminate

What I think is awesome about blockchain, is that people that may have been given a stamp by their government in one way (f.e. disabled, not suited to work or mental health issues etc) have trouble finding a job because of this stigma they're carrying, can thrive on HIVE for example! Here you can find your niche or just connect in different communities with like-minded people, or even earn a few bucks by writing about your troubles in life rather than being told you're not good enough to do this or that.

I'm quite sure that there are plenty of people that haven't had a great opportunity in years in their normal lives, are slowly finding back themselves by being active community members here. Someone will notice you eventually, it may take some time, but if you're kind and engage, you will find connections here.

It doesn't matter where you live, what your skin color is, or your beliefs, there are people from all over the world here and we are all human first. If you are kind you can even make some new (online) friends. Nobody will tell you that you can't post in a certain community if you have a mental disorder or different color. Blockchain doesn't discriminate!

Raising funds

Raising funds for charity

I've thought about using blockchain to raise funds for charity several times. I haven't really thought it out yet but I think there are plenty of ways to help out people in need that aren't able to come online due to no internet connection or maybe don't even have their own phone/laptop. My plan for the workshops is focused on those people that have those and just need some guidance and fresh input to show them what's possible.

The idea is not suitable for homeless people for example, they are in a totally different situation and probably only in survival mode. I do believe that homeless people or other charity projects can be helped by raising funds on the chain. For example, it's getting cold now and there may be a serious lack of warm blankets and hygiene products. These things can get expensive even for someone that's willing to help people, as you want to help a bunch of them if possible rather than only a few. Maybe creating fundraising posts can help to collect some money for charity projects.


Writing about this topic, I'm feeling excited again to proceed with writing the workshop material that I started a few months ago. I really hope that I can motivate some people that are now stuck mentally and maybe even lost their job, leaving them with despair rather than feeling inspired to start something new.
I would love to be the fresh pair of eyes that hands them some ideas and gets them started.

These cold winter months will at least give me some time to plan this ahead and create the workshop I've had in mind. I think that once we're passed the second wave, more people will have an open mind to new things online like blockchain and cryptocurrency. Although plenty of people have already opened their eyes a bit, I think that some may need some more time to be open to this information about the world of blockchain.

Together we can achieve a lot by sharing our knowledge and reaching out to those that can use a helping hand.



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