An impromtu ecoTrain Question Of The Week: What can we do differently so that people can understand us better?


This impromptu Question Of The Week is inspired by a recent post by @minismallholding and the subsequent conversation / debate happening as a result of it. This is a question I have never thought about until very recently, but is one that can lead to some incredible changes and shifts in the way the world relates back to you!

It's a funny old world. It feels like there are three worlds happening in every moment. First, there's the world that we live in and how we see things. Then there's the world that others live in based on how they perceive things, which is totally and different to our world. And finally there is the actual world.. how things really are, which is diametrically different to the other two!

Communication is an intricate thing. Even at the best of times it feel like whatever words I choose, and however carefully I choose them, most people hear something totally different. TO make matters even more challenging, communication through text messages and posts mean that the person reading it will invariably make up the tone and emphasis on each word for themselves. It makes communication virtually impossible really, and that is before we even introduce our perception and interpretations!

I've noticed that whatever words I may choose, often times people replace them with other words that although similar, have a very different meaning. Maybe it's just how we are, and how we see our world through our own individual lens. It's almost like whatever we experience, touch and taste in the world, it will always be seen through the lens of our perception and what things we are focused on. What we see or hear is filtered and even changed to meet the focus of our perspective.

It makes sense to me why our minds function this way. Every moment of our existence we are presented with an infinite amount of information, light, sound, feeling, vibration and possibilities. When we speak with someone it is impossible to take in everything that is happening all at once. So instead of information overloading our minds, we choose to focus on what our mind thinks is important. And what does our mind think is important? Whatever we are preoccupied with or thinking about is important. And so in a way we hear what we want to hear, and we hold on to what we are looking for or interested in. The rest just gets discarded or ignored.

Maybe you know this from reading books. I can remember reading Drunvalo Melchizedek's Flower of Life series. This is an intense series of books that contains SO much esoteric information about life, the universe and everything, that it is hard to take it all in. Many years later, just last night in fact, I rediscovered the second volume of this book as I visited a friend. I recognized it instantly, and picked it up to have a leaf through it. I noticed how SO much of it seemed totally new to me, and I had no memory of nearly all of the information. I remembered many things, but only the things I was interested in. The rest, however important, I see now I more or less ignored.

So with this in mind, this week's question asks us, What can we do differently so that people can understand us better? When we are communicating with other people, are there things that you have learned to do, or can think of, that can help others to truly understand what it is you are saying?

Communication is about so much more than just words, or even tone. When we talk with another person, we need to understand the person who we are talking to. Human beings are so much more complicated than our animal friends. It is much easier to communicate with animals like dogs and cats, because their minds are not nearly as complicated as ours. I think that to be able to communicate effectively, we have to learn to relate to the person that is listening. Relating means making a connection, and there are many ways to do it!

So another way to ask this week's question is, what can we do differently so that we can relate to other people as we communicate. Your answer could be anything from words to body language, to NLP, aggression, or perhaps even flirting!? If this is not something that you have consciously thought about before then feel free to now think about some of the things you may do but didn't even realize, so that your opinions, ideas or needs are heard!

As always your post can be a post or a video.. and feel free to focus on any aspect of the question.. or maybe (as always) a totally different way of even looking at it.. Feel free to dig deeper!





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