ecoTrain Question Of The Week TIE UP POST! : Are You A 'Hugger Or A Shrugger' In These Pandemic Times?


Being a Hugger or a Shrugger, can be more of a situation that one is in. It has been interesting to read so many responses to the QOTW and getting to know how at large most of the people here are filled with love and compassion and always willing to reach out to others. This Pandemic has affected our lives, our way of living, the society, our cultures in a big way and things are going to be the same for a long time, hence it is so important for us to understand that we ourselves need to take care of our own energy, mental health and be in a state from where we can only spread out loving and nurturing energies to one and all around us. The economies will take a long time to set back in place and there will be a lot of new normal that will inculcate in our lives, but we need to make sure that we are always in a good frame of mind and at a level from where we can see and accept what is in our highest interest.

Once again thank you very much for the overwhelming response to our @ecoTrain QOTW

We invite more and more people to join our ecoTrain community to know and learn all about sustainable lifestyle and living. Ultimately we want you to be free to live in a way that supports your deepest human nature and desires. To do this we need to shift to a new paradigm, and we are currently on the precipice of great change owing to the massive upheavals caused by COVID19. I believe we must come back to our roots, and fulfil our most primal needs. Most important of these is to live in a supportive community that fosters healthy relationships and dynamics, and be self sufficient! Therefore, we are here to support your posts that cover topics relating to sustainability, off-grid living, permaculture, homesteading, healthy cooking, holistic healing, and more.. The ecoTrain also supports the creation of real world ecoVillages in Portugal and beyond. The time has never been more ripe for us to attain real security and to become self sufficient.

With much love to all, let's see what our gems have to share with the ecoTrain community.


I'm naturally rather reserved and also respectful of folk's boundaries and space. With the pandemic and the social distancing there have been times I have thwarted some inclinations for hugging.
But if someone wants to hug me, like the young children I work with which I am accustom to hugging, I would not reject them.

In fact I will find it very hard to not give the customary hugs on greeting the children in the morning or through out the day. The school division has given us guidelines for being back in the schools in the fall and although they recognize it will be very difficult for the younger kids to use physically distancing (they don't want to use social distancing for socializing is a big part of a child's life) they are telling us to limit physical contact.



Let's just get it out there right away: I'm a hugger.
There are people I avoid but I would avoid them either way. In general, I want to hug the people that I love, like, and admire all damn day long. If there was a HugHive, trust me, I'd be ON it! The last fest of the cryptocurrency 'who's-name-we-shall-not-mention' was one heck of a hug fest and I wish I could have brought all those huggers home with me to continue the hugging.

I'm a shrugger too. Not at any people but at the situation.
I've been shrugging pretty much at every main event that's been happening in the past few years.
I've been shrugging at full speed at the response of those people who I thought I knew, who I thought were intelligent, clear headed thinking people, who are now tucked away in fear of something that's clearly been blown out of proportion, planned for a long time, and possibly even created, if it even exists...


I am happy to share my story and thoughts on the subject here.
At my place, the law and its implementation is quite strict in this regard.
Many office buildings like Bank premises, hospitals and clinics have placed is sanitizer at their entry gate. And the guard at the door ensures that you use it and enter in only if you are wearing a mask.

If I venture out of my home without a mask, the local police can fine me an amount of rupees 200 to 500.
The problem is, I don't like wearing masks or maintaining strict distance from whom I am interacting with. So I have never put a mask on.


It's not easy to answer because I believe I am in the middle. 😌
I pay attention of course but without exaggerating since in this period the virus is less aggressive.
I still don't have clear ideas on the whole matter, it seems to me an absurd almost unreal situation, then I think of the victims and in my country there were almost 35 thousand.
I live in a seaside town of 50 thousand inhabitants, 40 km from Rome, in Italy.

@ riverflows

When I was a little kid, I would fasten myself to the legs of guests like a koala toy clipped onto a pencil. I have always been an affectionate person. I have learnt to quash this affectionate part of myself. Somehow, I picked up that it wasn't socially acceptable to be too demonstrative in public. For years I had a boyfriend who wouldn't hold my hand in public. That was some damage right there. And then I started becoming my self. Not too anything - just perfectly me. It takes us a while to get there in a judgemental world - especially woman. Too fat, too loud, too talkative, too huggy. You have to work hard at shedding those judgements to become you. And when you do, it's liberating. You feel at last that people either love you for you, or they don't, and that's okay. Maybe they aren't your people. Not everyone has to be.


Human contact is so important for our well-being we are social creatures and we need to be around others, not all of the time but we do need to have those opportunities to be with other people to sit with other people to embrace other people.
What I have noticed with this plandemic is the lack of care about mental health and how quickly those in power were to lock Us all up, how quickly they were to try and convince us that this was for our own safety for our own well-being.


This question stood out because it spoke to aspects of my personality that have made me who I am. I'm one of those warm, loving people who started life as a very shy person. The internet in many ways helped me to be more open and forthcoming. I'm not normally much of a hugger. But if I like you, things can be very different. If you're one of those "People of Light" You know, the kind that cares about others and can best be described as an empath, you're on my team.


Suddenly life has changed so much, people are getting scared to call their friends home, no one wants to hug each other. Social distancing is what everyone keeps talking about. And these things are going to go on for a long time, not sure how much 6 mths, 1 year, but it is for sure not very soon that things get back to normal. So then in such a situation for how long will one keep on shying away from life.


Generally a hugger, although in Venezuela we are just beginning to see the magnitude of the Coronavirus, social distancing has increased in some states when it had already become more flexible, although the real situation in Venezuela is complicated and unknown.

The total handling of information and censorship makes us the victim of many injustices and of the real ignorance of the situation

It is difficult to predict what will happen in 12 months, the truth, here we do not know with what news we will wake up the next day, it is at best to be prepared for everything!


First of all I'll like to say that these pandemic times has changed people, their norms, their attitude and even their morality as well. Death is of course one thing everyone is afraid of and just watching the numbers of affected or dead people that's talked about on television shills the fear in the minds of people. I do believe that being a hugger or shrugger depends on one's country or location. In Nigeria my country the majority of people we have are huggers this is because many have hardly seen anyone with Corona virus contrary to the numbers that the government are televising on air.


In times of crisis, what we carry within us is revealed, especially our fears, and with them, we are terrible. Confronting our fears is not easy, especially the fear of death that violates our notion of "good" and "bad", making us paranoid, irrational, chaotic or cautious, but relaxed.
It also happens in the face of the possibility of "catching" the virus that has currently taken so many lives. The fear is not the virus as such or the disease it carries, it is more profound, it is the fear of death because the development of the disease it generates is highly risky for life. Hence, each person assumes behaviors that are in accordance with their conceptions, beliefs, and lifestyles.


So as many of you know i live in Greece and Greece right now is past the first wave of Covid-19. That means that everything is opened again and ofc some measures are taking place!

As you can image some of the measures are to wear mask when you are in trains or buses as well as for employees of restaurants,cafeterias and most of the shops. Also, many people are still working from home!

Now regarding the weekly questions, we have to take a couple of things into account before i give you my answer. That way i believe you will get in my shoes, or at least i hope so!


For me, being optimistic and proactive is a decision made many, many moons ago. It is part of my philosophy of life. Looking on the positive side of any event or situation is a fact that I will never give up on. I make the comment because these days a person asked me the following:

I answered immediately:
"I grateful for all the days lived and for being talented".

The answer surprised him because there was no hint of reaction in it and it came from the deepest part of my spiritual being. At that moment I took the opportunity to talk to her about optimism, peace, love, empathy and I mentioned the phrase "I grateful for all the days lived and for being talented", which from my perception, means that being optimistic for me is a talent rather than a choice. I loved the conversation because it was enjoyable and I got that person's attention and he took my phone number and now we communicate by direct messaging through WhatsApp. I loved the energy of the moment.


I am a person who likes to hug, especially my father and my children. In the first week of the social distancing, what I did was clean our home thoroughly, I took out clothes, shoes, curtains, pillows and a series of objects that served to fill the closets of two more houses.

In that first week I could feel what another life was like, imagining people in their homes judiciously obeying the call to "stay at home".



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