ecoTrain Question Of The Week #12: Share a lesson you've learned in life


This weeks's QOTW asked you to share a life lesson that you have learned, howsoever it may have come. Thank you so all of you who responded in the ecoTrain community.. It was good to read so many personal stories.. and to see how despite our suffering and challenges.. you have all learned so much from in.. Inspiring! Please forgive me for not commenting this week.. i have had a very bad trapped nerve in my neck which has meant i have had to take time off the computer. Thankfully it is improving and im pretty sure that ill be back in action next week!

We invite more and more people to join our ecoTrain community to know and learn all about sustainable lifestyle and living. Ultimately we want you to be free to live in a way that supports your deepest human nature and desires. To do this we need to shift to a new paradigm, and we are currently on the precipice of great change owing to the massive upheavals caused by COVID19. I believe we must come back to our roots, and fulfil our most primal needs. Most important of these is to live in a supportive community that fosters healthy relationships and dynamics, and be self sufficient! Therefore, we are here to support your posts that cover topics relating to sustainability, off-grid living, permaculture, homesteading, healthy cooking, holistic healing, and more.. The ecoTrain also supports the creation of real world ecoVillages in Portugal and beyond. The time has never been more ripe for us to attain real security and to become self sufficient.

With much love to all, let's see what our gems have to share with the ecoTrain community.


En el seno de una familia vivían cuatro personas, mamá, papá y dos hijos, hembra y varón. Por lo general cada uno se dedicaba a realizar sus tareas diarias, trabajar, estudiar, hacer los oficios y en los ratos de descanso, cada uno en lo suyo, ver televisión, computadora, lectura o simplemente dormir. Ninguno pretendía cambiar su ritmo de vida pero una fuerte pandemia sumada a una grave crisis de país lo cambió todo. Se pensaba en ese grupo que vivían todos felices, poco a poco fueron cambiando de opinión. Convivir y adaptarse a las nuevas condiciones de vida, no era fácil para ninguno. Por momentos, la tristeza los arropaba, el silencio los aturdía y la soledad les hacía compañía.

There were four people living in one family, a mother, a father and two children, a girl and a boy. Generally, each one of them dedicated to carry out their daily tasks, work, study, do their jobs and during the times of rest, each one in his own thing, watching television, computer, reading or simply sleeping. None of them wanted to change their rhythm of life but a strong pandemic added to a serious crisis of the country changes everything. They thought they were all happy, but little by little they changed their minds. Living together and suffering the new conditions of life was not easy for anyone. At times, sadness enveloped them, silence stunned them and loneliness kept them company.


Deep words elevate life. || My mother's answer changed my life

Life is full of instructive events. But sometimes we ourselves ignore such incidents. Which can play an important role in changing our lives.
I have learned a lot from my life and am still learning.
But there are times when a person sees his life sinking without a boat on the river and at that moment a sentence can change a person's life for a moment.

When a person is in the desert and it is very hot here and there is a suspicion of water or the shade of a tree in the distance, there is excitement and hope in the human body to get there, somehow to that shade. Reach out and hope for survival.
Thus, certain moments in life change lives. And turns life from despair to hope.
There are some incidents that bring the sinking boat out of the whirlpool and bring it safely to shore.


Life is a big wheel that turns and as it goes by it puts us in different roles.

La vida es una gran rueda que va girando y a medida que transcurre nos va colocando en diferentes roles.

When we are children we think of our parents as superheroes, perfect people who can do everything and with whom we feel completely safe. We perceive that they are perfect beings, without defects.

Cuando somos niños pensamos que nuestros padres son superhéroes, personas perfectas que todo lo pueden y con quienes nos sentimos completamente seguros. Percibimos que ellos son seres perfectos, sin defectos.

As we get older and pass from the stage of children and begin to enter the stage of rebellion, usually in adolescence, that almost perfect perception about our parents begins to change and we begin to observe certain defects in them.


Life at every stage is a learning for us, offering new lessons for our growth. But there are some people or certain situations that happen in our life which leaves a very deep impact and we carry those lessons with us for life.

Today on the @ecoTrain QOTW - "Share A Lesson You Have Learned In Life." I will like to share a Childhood memory. One that I have never forgotten and has given me such a strong foot holding lesson in life.

This incident has registered very strongly on my mind, I don't think I will ever forget it cause this person has left a deep impression on me. Even though I was so young but it feels like it happened yesterday...


@Ecotrain 's question for this week, not really a question but asking us to share, is

Life Lessons: Share a lesson you have learned in life

Find the details here

I learned early on in life to fight, to stand up for myself. I also learned about the power of words, how simple words can put you in a dark space, also how that dark space can be lifted by certain realizations plus finding strength that is within us (we all have this although some don't realize it.)

When I learned this lesson I was a young girl who was born with red hair into a family that had darker hair.

My older sister would tease me about my hair and say I was ugly. Being young and naive I believed her. That was until a hairdresser said I had a lovely color of hair. At home I looked in the mirror and saw that it was not red but a golden color with some red highlights.


Cuando hablamos de lecciones de vida pienso que todos esos obstáculos que tenemos a lo largo de nuestras vidas nos fortalecen y nos enseñan a que cada día debemos ser mejores personas, la vida a mi me ha enseñado bastante para entender que debo valorarme a mi misma como persona y valorar ala familia que tengo.

A pesar de mi carrera el atender pacientes y aconsejarlos cada día tratando de motivarlos a que la vida es hermosa y debemos de aprender a confrontar los problemas me ha puesto en situaciones donde uno dice hay personas que tienen problemas mas grandes que uno y aun así están tratando de buscar apoyo y ayuda.


When we talk about life lessons I think that all those obstacles that we have throughout our lives strengthen us and teach us that every day we must be better people, life has taught me enough to understand that I must value myself as a person and value the family that I have.

Despite my career, caring for patients and advising them every day trying to motivate them that life is beautiful and we must learn to confront our problems has put me in situations where one says there are people who have bigger problems than one and yet are trying to seek support and help.


Hello my friends.
Good question, I can say I´ma person that doesn´t care how people is until they touch my circule, my energy. But I have learn or at least I am putting in act, not judging, it cost a lot cause there is things that is hard to explain, how can be people, sometimes, just so cruel. Well, even that, I learn to let it go, it cost, but i'm in process. Not judge and forgive.

The forgive I can say is beautiful and makes you happy.
It's like leave a bag on the street and run. When I start to do that, was the first time I remember I could start to run in my dreams, really, and I was happy at the other day, and I can remember now my dream when I'm running.


Life is what we make it and it could be much better if we have to try it. If we fail, don't be disappointed but learn a lesson from it in every fall. Let our heads up high and move on and make a motto, "No Surrender." Failure might be a key to success and prosperity that we never expect.

All my dreams were shattered. The goal was being blocked and every step I move seemed so wrong before reaching the other step forward. Life is like a game and if you are not a gamer we could lose control.

But always remember, everything has a valid reason. If it was not our time yesterday, there is today. Live our life for today, as if our life span is only for today. Do good deeds that make sense. Do not expect too much for tomorrow because tomorrow is not a promise.

The Best Lesson I Learned

When I was newly working abroad, people older than me told me to save a little amount for the rainy days. Even 1USD per month and keep it in a book with 1000 pages. Keep the bill inside the first page every month. 23 years straight working abroad, if I save that 1 USD per month, how much supposed to be the total amount? That was just the lowest offer of that said advice on me. We could make it 2 USD too. But I never gave too much attention. My reason was, how could I hide 1 USD if my salary was not enough?


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