ecoTrain QOTW #12! - Life Lessons 'Share A Lesson You Have Learned In Life.'

Life at every stage is a learning for us, offering new lessons for our growth. But there are some people or certain situations that happen in our life which leaves a very deep impact and we carry those lessons with us for life.

Today on the @ecoTrain QOTW - "Share A Lesson You Have Learned In Life." I will like to share a Childhood memory. One that I have never forgotten and has given me such a strong foot holding lesson in life.

This incident has registered very strongly on my mind, I don't think I will ever forget it cause this person has left a deep impression on me. Even though I was so young but it feels like it happened yesterday...

This was when I was around 8 years old and in class 3. Since my family conditions were not very good and pleasant I was sent to an orphanage along with my elder sister. It was a tough time, there was nothing like Love in those premises, everything was very basic, I don't even remember as a child if I ever played with any toys also. By the age of 9 we had started washing our own clothes and utensils. Those were not the days of washing machine so everything had to be done by self. It was tough, it was like I was just growing up with the passing time.

At that age health wise I was very weak, most of the time I was sick down with fever. Then there were times when I used to not tell anyone if I was down with fever and in that place it was like no one bothered also...

In all this growing up I came across a lot of people some of them nice and showed lot of sympathy but never love and some harsh ones also.

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It was one of those days at school when I was down with high fever, so in the break time I put my head down and went to sleep. Suddenly I felt a gentle hand over my head and as I looked up, was my class teacher, her name was Yasmin. She asked me what was the matter and I told her I was unwell and started crying.

She hold me and gave me a warm hug which till date I cannot forget because that was the most I wanted that time, and as I write this also I have tears in my eyes remembering that whole incident and her face flashing in front of me. After that she got me a warm cup of milk and made me drink and gave me a medicine. That day I felt like my own mother was taking care of me. She showered so much of Love and showed so much compassion towards me in that half an hour break that till date its been more than 35 years but I cannot forget her.

She came like an Angel in that moment and left such a deep impact on me. She touched my heart and soul in every possible way. Sometimes even the world richest thing cant bring you happiness that just a warm hug and a compassionate gesture can give you and more importantly the lesson she taught me with her act of kindness.


As I grew up I had a lot of affection build up for her, but after I left my school I have never been able to meet her.

I learned a lot from this small incident, she left a deep impact on me. I used to always think that when I grow up I want to be like her. I don't know how much I have succeeded but I try to do my best. I get very sensitive when it cones to children, cause whatever happens to them in childhood goes with them in their heart and mind all through out their lives.

This only proves how a small random act of kindness can make so much difference. God bless this beautiful soul till eternity.

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