QOTW#12! Life Lessons 'Share A Lesson You Have Learned In Life.'

Life is what we make it and it could be much better if we have to try it. If we fail, don't be disappointed but learn a lesson from it in every fall. Let our heads up high and move on and make a motto, "No Surrender." Failure might be a key to success and prosperity that we never expect.


All my dreams were shattered. The goal was being blocked and every step I move seemed so wrong before reaching the other step forward. Life is like a game and if you are not a gamer we could lose control.

But always remember, everything has a valid reason. If it was not our time yesterday, there is today. Live our life for today, as if our life span is only for today. Do good deeds that make sense. Do not expect too much for tomorrow because tomorrow is not a promise.

The Best Lesson I Learned

When I was newly working abroad, people older than me told me to save a little amount for the rainy days. Even 1USD per month and keep it in a book with 1000 pages. Keep the bill inside the first page every month. 23 years straight working abroad, if I save that 1 USD per month, how much supposed to be the total amount? That was just the lowest offer of that said advice on me. We could make it 2 USD too. But I never gave too much attention. My reason was, how could I hide 1 USD if my salary was not enough?

Now, I have no savings and getting older. I spent all on their salary for the needs of my family. Still, it is not enough. I feel no regret as well, as long as it was used for important necessities. What I regret too much was not saving the 1 USD per month for 23 years working.

Another lesson

We must think twice before we decide on certain things. Even though the situation today is favorable on your side, try to flip the situation in advance and see every angle if it would be in a balanced equation. Look for the four sides and not focus only on the center of attraction. Perhaps those attractions in the center will lead us to a failure in life.

We need something new, something old and something borrowed not only in material aspects of life. Remember the words from the old people, apply it together with what we have learned lately.

Keeping your foot on the ground is the best way. Do not boost yourself on what you have. Be nice to everyone and it will be paid off back to us unknowingly.

Most necessary

Our relation to God whatever religion you are in is the most important factor moving forward to a better life. I can guarantee that if we call His name after our sleep and before going to our daily basis living, we are safe. Everything will be light. Normally , we could not escape from trials along the way but Im pretty sure it is just a test on how strong our faith to the Creator. It means, God loves us. He never us go astray. So ,He is always sending His reminders to us so we could never forget Him.

Thank you @ecotrain for the best question.

My post in @naturalmedicine this morning also coincides with this question. You may read it if you have time. It's all about the bird's family that affected my life and learned a great lesson from it.


I hope you pick a lesson the same way as I did.


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