ECOTRAIN QUESTION OF THE WEEK TIE UP POST #26: Name 5 positive consequences of COVID19?

WHAT an amazing response!!! Thank you SO much for sharing these amazing posts.. Its so heart-warming to feel your positivity, and see that we have so much spirit and soul to keep us moving in a more positive direction. I must start by apologising for not writing this week.. and in fact doing quite the opposite. Those of you who read my blogs will notice i posted twice this week with anything but 5 positive consequences. I wasn’t planning on it, but that’s how it turned out. Usually when the feeling takes me, i just have to write.

There were SO many different reasons that you gave, and id like to share a few of them below before I share the posts from everyone.

The population has become more supportive, kinder, more attentive to the needs of others, more open in communication

The population has increased its interest in self-learning

Awareness And Opportunity

Being home, not on a job.

I Have taken up again the habit of reading

Spend more quality time with my family

discovering the Hive back in June 2020

I can observe an atmospheric cleanliness never seen before

Mass scale Awakening

Mindfulness about diet and health



Eco-village lifestyle

Nature Gets a Momentary Breather

A Quiet Moment for Human Minds

We got to see how amazing our neighbours are,

Time Off

people realised that office spaces were unnecessary,





The year 2020 has been one helluva year, and that is putting it mildly!

Lessons learned will certainly be stamped in many of our hearts and minds; some really hard lessons but mighty valuable ones that I hope we all remember!

In the beginning
The negatives around Covid19 had a ripple effect:
• The silence on the part of health officials for a full six weeks when the Coronavirus first reared its ugly head, as that is how the virus was spread to the rest of the world initially...
• Led to many unnecessary deaths not only from the virus, but from the high number of suicides following financial ruin, caused by...
• Mishandling by governments in many parts of the world, which led to world economies being destroyed!

Positive consequences of COVID19
Thankfully and surprisingly, despite what many believe, there are many positive consequences of Covid19, and that’s what I am sharing with you today as my response to @ecotrain’s


Every thing has two sides. One is good and the other is bad.Currently coronavirus, the name of a panic. The whole world is suffering from this panic. Every day we see news of thousands of deaths or attacks in the newspapers or in the news.
The current coronavirus epidemic has such bad aspects. There are also good aspects for us.

In my opinion, there are five positive consequences for us in Covid-19 virus...

1. When going out of the house, wear a mask all the time

Whenever we go out on the street, we wear masks at the present time. Usually at present we wear masks for fear of coronavirus.

But we needed to wear it all the time. Because when we go out on the road, dust or bacteria can harm us. Moreover, to protect ourselves from polluted air, we needed to wear masks all the time. However, we now wear masks due to coronavirus panic. This is a positive thing.


Hey yo hivers! It's me again and I'm back with a new post. By the way, how are you guys doing? I hope you are all doing well. For the past days I have been very productive in terms of drawing for my soon blog post which is also somehow related to my last art related post.
On the other hand, I am like a turtle in terms of my school projects compared in our first quarter of this semester. Then, surprisingly our Physiology and Anatomy professor gave us our midterm grades and fortunately I managed to pass.
Less with the school related talk. So, my last post to this wonderful community has been almost a month ago which is about WHAT'S IN OUR GARDEN?: Developing my Green Thumb during Quarantine.
For today's post, I am going to talk about the 9 positive things that this pandemic caused. Fasten your seat belts hivers and without a further ado, let's do this folks!


Covid19 has shook our whole world, our whole existence. What many see as a virus, I see as a smokescreen, a way in which those in power make there final push for power and control. The tables are turning and in it's wake we have seen so much disruption and deceit. At the beginning of all of this, I went through periods of disbelief, anger and even resentment. As I tried to come to terms with what this actually meant.

I knew that this was coming, that the world that we knew was going to change forever, but yet it still came as a shock. Because it just seemed to happen so quickly and I felt so helpless at times, what could I do, to help people see what was really happening, what could I do to guide myself and my family through this huge transition. As we watched the reality of our world, finally beginning to be exposed!


Humanity has suffered a kind of shudder and this has put us in a fragile position before the enormous impact that we are living, the weight of this pandemic is felt in the heart of its people, many families have gone through the negative consequences in a direct way, in the middle of nowhere we can see a light in the distance and in that light I want to look at today.

Positive consequences worldwide generated by the COVID-19:

💚 One thing that has pleased me in the midst of this is that the population has become more supportive, kinder, more attentive to the needs of others, more open in communication, even when we are in quarantine the communication has flowed more, people feel the need to know about others, to be in contact with their families, to reach out to those who need it, and that, just that fills me with peace and hope.


This week, @ecotrain asks us to list five covid19 consequences that were positive... What has come out of this thing I can deem good?

We sat down, together with family or maybe it was a zoom call... I can't remember but what matters is what we all had talked about. It was pretty much the same question! What kind of positivity had the virus brought us thus far.

With this exercise, we're asked to find five consequences. Here are mine:

Being home, not on a job. My biggest most positive thing during all this was being home every day. I am constantly trying to make my dreams come true so being forced to stay home helped me tremendously.

We were able to build a new shed, a bigger garden, and continue our barn raising.


n the midst of adversity we can find a new path, a path to the unexpected, that if we are fully confident that something good will come out of it, it will, even if at the moment we do not understand the possible gift of life, with time and only with time we can see positive things from that situation and the unexpected gift.

Every action triggers a series of consequences both positive and negative, because of the pandemic that we live have developed unfortunate consequences on global health, however, if you want we can see the glass half full, and for that reason I try to live in an optimistic way by valuing more the positive aspects and holding tightly to the thought that I can build a better environment around me, if I value the gift of life.


You know, I really hate to say that out loud- positive consequences to Covid19, especially when so many millions of people around the world have suffered such negative consequences and not just from the pandemic, but other problems that have indirectly affected them and put them at even greater risk of being impacted form the pandemic.

Things such as the monumental amount of natural and man made disasters that have been occurring around the world, displacing so many millions of people and animals, making so many homeless in a time when they are meant to be at home, staying away from the virus.


Hello friends of @EcoTrain I had time without being able to participate because of intermittent electrical and technology situations that prevented me from publishing regularly, however persevering here I present myself encouraged with my post for the QOTW of the week #26 that invites us to express 5 positive consequences of covid-19.

As inhabitants of this beautiful planet we have a long history of situations experienced in this 2020 year of strong challenges where we were surprised by a pandemic that has caused global terror, affecting our overall health. Those of us who still survive have to continue preserving our existence. I believe that at present there is uncertainty as to how long we will continue in this journey of caring for our lives in this collective CHAOS that is beginning to shed light on the restoration of human and environmental ORDER or BALANCE.


Hola amigos de @EcoTrain tenía tiempo sin poder participar por si tuaciones de eléctricas y tecnología intermiten que me impedían publicar con regularidad, sin embargo perseverando aquí me presento animada con mi post para la QOTW de la semana #26 que nos invita a expresar 5 consecuencias positivas de covid-19.

imagen promocional de @EcoTrain QOTW #26 Como habitantes de este hermoso planeta tenemos una larga datas de situaciones vividas en este 2020 año de fuertes desafíos donde fuimos sorprendidos por una pandemia que ha causado el terror mundial, afectando nuestra salud integral. A los que aún sobrevivimos nos queda seguir en preservación de la existencia, creo que en la actualidad hay incertidumbre de cuánto tiempo continuaremos en este transitar del cuidado de nuestras vidas en este CAOS colectivo que está empezando a dar luces para el restablecimiento del ORDEN o EQUILIBRIO humano y ambiental.


As we are aware almost the whole of the world has gone under lockdown in the state of Covid-19, it's like a total halt of our lives. Something that we never imagined and expected and were never prepared for. Mass unemployment's, economic crash downs, businesses dissolving, companies filing for bankruptcy and what not and still more to come. The after effects will go a long way. The damage is huge and irreversible for many, a lot of people mental health have been effected due to a stretched lock down period, domestic violence, crimes all cases are at a rise.

While the virus had brought in a lot of turmoil, there are some positives also that it has brought in and we should never negate that part of this whole situation. Here are some of the positives that I can see happening around me;


I just finished reading a terrific post by our friend @plantstoplanks. Her positivity came right through the screen and it changed my headspace. Thanks. I can see why you were so successful in transitioning to on-line training. Bravo!

Now onto the 5 positives that happened during covid19.

First thing that popped into my head was knocking on wood everyday that the phone didn't ring with bad news. I have yet to hear that anyone in my family has tested positive. And I have a large extended family. KNOCK KNOCK.

Number two would have to be where I live. We call it our farm, our homestead. It's such a beautiful and peaceful place. We can enjoy the outdoors, ride our bikes(atv), grow our food, enjoy nurturing our flower beds, swim in the pond, go fishing, watch the birds, explore the woods. At night, we get big sky, no light pollution, so when the moon and stars come out, sitting on the deck and relaxing our heads back to gaze is awesome.


This is an ecoTrain initiative. More details here

2012 has been a year of mixed emotions for many people. It ushered in a pandemic that drastically changed the world. As at the time of writing this post, over 50 million people across the globe have contracted the covid-19 virus, of which over a million deaths have been recorded. Most countries have had to implement a lockdown at the expense of their economy. These are some of the negative impacts of the pandemic. However, there have been some positives. Irrespective of the uncertainty and fear surrounding the pandemic, many people have found ways to turn this dreadful experience into something positive.


There were few individuals and businesses could operate at full capacity due to the restriction on movement in various countries. This did affect productivity and the income of many individuals/businesses but it did slow things down--in a positive way.


Reduced human contact
forces one to look for friendship

closer to home -
in the home

Love the house centipedes
for they are allies

Love the snakes under the porch
they are in this with us

Love the treetops especially the treetops
who speak whenever spoken to


Before the covid19 strikes the world. People are too busy working and thinking of their futures. Some parents don't have time for their children because of being busy to provide food and a brighter future. It's not wrong and but not totally correct. There are also those people who are in their mind is greed. They keep on building establishments that they almost forgot how important are the trees. Some people thought that even if they'll eat too much it's fine because there will medicine prescribed by doctors. There are so many things of wanting a happy lifestyle became too much and became destructive to the world.

During the covid19 threatened the world for sure no one was happy. People had no work and had no food. People weren't free to go wherever they want to go. People were afraid of course but still, I found positive on it. Thank you @ecotrain for this question of the week.


Yesss, I'm finally back to answering this week's QOTW by @ecotrain. This time the prompt makes it so simple that it seems like it can be handled in five easy steps: Name Five Positive Consequences of Covid-19! Positive what? Can there be anything positive coming out of a pandemic? I'd say not only that there can, but that most of these consequences we're all aware of. It's just the typical case of the opposite side of the same coin. So let's see what they are:

Nature Gets a Momentary Breather

Yes, I'm sure you've heard about it: carbon emissions are down thanks to cancelled flights, restricted travel, and well... the overall economic slowdown. Now it may be debatable how much good that actually does, considering the scale of ongoing destruction that had been going on before the pandemic. No matter the slight dip in the levels of newly emitted carbon, the stuff that had been dumped into the air over the past decades is going to keep driving temperatures up. Also, the massive shift to disposable masks, gloves, visors, not to mention take-out containers has its own adverse affects on the natural environment. Still, without Covid we would have continued on the same road, only faster and harder, offering little more than the usual lip-service to the real issues of climate change and the mass extinction of species.


This year has been a rough one and it's not over yet. There have been so many problems, financial and human losses and the list can continue. The level of negativity, anger and desperation is unimaginable, not to mention the mental damages some have suffered. So it's just about time to look at the bright side and sum up the good things.

@ecotrain has a challenge for this week, called Name 5 positive consequences of COVID19, so let's see my list.

We got to see how amazing our neighbors are, not that we have ever doubted that.
When the lockdown started, we got stuck in the city. The gardening season was just about to start, spring works had to begin, but because there was no way we could travel back and forth between the city and my dad's place, we accepted the defeat and let the gardening season go. Then a miracle happened, our lovely neighbors did the work in our garden. They knew what and how and did it without anyone asking them. Thanks to them, we got onions, garlic, carrots and parsley this year. These days people are not so open and helpful, you can't rarely meet people like them, so we're grateful to have them. Obviously their good deed has been rewarded.


A lot of people have said they are ready to just run right out of 2020 and never look back. Let's face it, this year has been a bit of mess in many respects. I know a lot of dear friends who have suffered through loss and uncertainty, and for many there may still be many months of worry on the horizon. I hope we can all continue to support those who need it most and keep kindness at the forefront of our actions during this time, and all times, really.

However, despite the low points, there are many of us who truly have a lot to be grateful for. Perhaps it is just the spirit of the holiday season infecting me already or my visit with my little blonde one from the weekend still has my heart full, but I feel especially thankful for some of the things that have come out of this year. As usual, while I think grief and anger can also be positive, I also am of the mind that it can be extremely beneficial to focus on the positive to keep your energy high. I also just went for an absolutely amazing autumn run, so I have extra good vibes to put out into the world right now! 😜


To speak of the negative always containing positive aspects is to recognize the duality that masks the unity, leaving open the possibility of choosing an optic to live and the acceptance that what is being been what is convenient for supreme plans that, most of the times, we do not understand. In life, there is no such thing as chance, everything fits together and not by chance, precisely. What we believe to be random, is what should be, simply, according to the choices and decisions we make daily. Even though there is a multitude of events that are beyond our control, there is always a superior control taking actions that generate consequences.

There is so much going on in the theater of life that most of us don't know, that it is a very short intuitive exercise for the levels of reality. That a virus contaminates the world and kills a large part of the population seems more like a fictional conspiracy story than reality, but who knows if reality is not only surpassing fiction but fulfilling the ends proposed in the cold imagination of the powerful perpetrators behind the scenes.


Dear readers, the year 2020 has brought us some not very encouraging surprises, among them one that has become a global reality, I am referring of course to the COVID-19 a virus that came to change our lives in many areas from health to the environment, in general terms many lives have been unfortunately lost and a great majority of people have lost their jobs, but in the present publication I will focus on some aspects that I consider positive for those of us who have managed to stay free of this virus, with this I join the great initiative of the friends of @ecotrain who week after week carry out great initiatives through the question of the week. If you want to participate, I share the link below so that you know the rules that are required to share your post.

With the arrival of the COVID-19, all countries adopted prevention measures with social distancing, also known as quarantine, because of this quarantine the economic activities of different sectors have been carried out remotely from our homes, this has reduced the excessive use of vehicles and a reduction of industrial activities. This has brought about a positive consequence from the environmental point of view for our ecosystems, since some institutions such as the World Meteorological Organization have reported a decrease in the emission of Carbon Dioxide CO2 which is one of the greenhouse gases with the greatest accumulation in the atmosphere and one of the causes of global warming.


When I was in the UK, we walked for miles and miles and miles and miles, across stiles, past fields of cows let out from winter stables, through tiny woods alive with blue butterflies and thick with the scent of wild garlic, alongside streams where deer drank shy and alert in the dusk. Once, we walked past an encampment where a small and barefooted child swung off a makeshift verandah on a makeshift kitchen where a man washed the dishes and another sat and played guitar. We stopped to talk a while. They'd been living there since the 1970's, having bought the land for a song, and eventually got rights to build low impact housing there. This meant a small log cabin of locally hewed timber and a yurt or two. Each day, the man would cycle to work. Over the years, the roads got busier and busier, and it was getting downright dangerous, especially in the summer when the hedgerows grew into the road and made it narrower, blocking driver's field of vision.

Since the lockdown, cycling had become relaxing again. In fact, many cyclists took advantage of the quiet roads and bike shops had never done as well as people took up hobbies they had wanted to do for years, but never had the time. Like us, people were out walking, exploring parts of their own county they had never seen, even though these things were close by.


In what ways is living off grid the answer to the many consequences of coronavirus?


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