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What a wonderful response to this question! Im so glad so many of you took the time to really answer it so well! Its very good to see how many of you fully appreciate the importance of this question.. especially right now as we are all forced to make new choices and take new paths in our lives. This is a time of great shift, a paradigm shift, a consiousness shift, and a shift in our purpose of life. Knowing what to do with our time means knowing what is important to us, and then its quite easy to have our priorities very clear.. which is the precursor to knowing exactly what to do and which opportunities to take or create.

I would like to start by sharing a few snippets and quotes from your posts. I think this is a lovely way to very quickly share with you the most important parts of these posts without you having to click and read them all. Once you have seen these quotes you can of course scroll down and read more from everyone who posted!

My first priority in life is taking cognizance of my consciousness and taking care to nurture it. Most people are alive but do not pay attention to the sacredness of their life, they feel their existence is a huge sarendipity and hence they do not value the essense of life

Family has been my top most priority all my life

Generate steady income that would make me give stability to my son

To ensure a flow of abundance for all, secure our freedom and secure the sovereignty of each member.

Continue to help my community to thrive

I chosed my parents especially my Dad who got critical with high Blood Pressure, Sugar level and knee giving up with his ages. Helping him stand, supporting him to walk few steps and making him smile does give me great satisfaction

Personal Growth And Development:

Self Care

Refuse not to do good to whom it is due, when thou hast power to do it.

I feel deeply that we are interrelated, formed by the same cosmos, by the same divinity, with the same noble goal: to love our neighbor, and if my priority is reduced to that, to love,

Quality has become more important to me than quantity.

Treat myself as sacred.

Feeling myself as a grown woman, there is a moment I realized that the female archetype, many of us women need to reclaim is the Sacred Woman Priestess archetype.

If we hold onto our old dreams, and our old paradigm of how to achieve those dreams, we are going to smashed to bits from the storm that will be blowing through our lives.

Priority #1: Survival

If you are in a city, get out. Your life is in danger. This goes double if your city has burned in the last year.

Growing most of your own food, in your greenhouse.

I would love to increase all of my investment into Index funds and Crypto.

The eco issue and should be prioritized.


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Hi @ecoTrain it's been awhile since I posted in this community. Exams week is fast approaching and there are things that needs to be done so my time was mostly consumed by it. For today's post, it would be about priorities, my priorities so without a further ado dive in and I'll show you.

Priority is something that comes first among others. It is important to establish priorities because you can sort out the things that needs to be done. It would also guide you on what to do first and keep you on tract. Personally, I have a trouble in prioritizing things in life because I jump task to task. It really depends if it catches my attention, interest and if it is just an easy task. More likely, I suck in keeping up with my long time priorities. I tend to quit doing it after a month and will find something else to do or just do nothing. Below are my following priorities:


My first post in the ecoTrain community and I was siked to start my first post here with something which is a very recent topic at the moment. See the ecoTrain post is about asking where your priorities are going in life and how you see them and that you will do to get there.

I am making them not about my life in this post, but about my work. I work in healthcare and in surgery and this one of the hottest topics at the moment than needs change.

This image above is taken from the Youtube video you will see here down below. This lady made this video about all of the disposable material that was used during her 1 day procedure. Disposable gowns, syringes, gloves, sutures, all of the stuff that is normal for a procedure.


My priorities is never straight forward which can be quite annoying, but it also lets be do random shit in between! Which I also really enjoy! :D

But priorities right now is to find a Job xD I have been jobless since September(I did quit myself) and its starting to be quite boring just being home all day.
So finding a job as fast as possible and in a field I want to work in.

I would love to increase all of my investment into Index funds and Crypto. So I could grow my net worth faster!


A priority is what we hold important or valuable more than some other things, some other aspect or some other prospects. Everyone in life has core priorities because they're like a path people choose to walk, they're like choices people have to chose take, they're like decisions people have to make and they're of course what occupies the scale of preference of people.

In life there are things we value more than the others this is often influenced by our personalities, our attitude, religion, habits, way of life, culture and even upbringing this is absolutely normal in the sense that people are born with the freedom make choices, priorities in life comes because people have freedom to be responsible and immediately one commits oneself to being responsible automatically they're already cultivating the habits of having Priorities.


Today, I take part in the Question of the Week by the ecoTrain Community: Priorities. So What are my thoughts of the word PRIORITIES?

Our Priorities are based on what we see that are important to us. They are things we feel that is necessary to be done for the betterment of our lives and those around us. Though, some may be very crucial for our daily living while others may be seen as goals to be fulfilled.

Talking about what my priorities are based on at this moment, right now I am in the period of examinations at school which means reading my books is a very huge priority for me. Passing this examination is a priority for me, so other need to play around would be sacrificed for this goal.


You may be familiar with the phrase, get your priorities straight, this makes me wonder what priority means to us. This being my first post on #ecoTrain community, I was drawn to the community by the question of this week which was among the first blogs I saw in my feed. I'm glad I finally subscribed and writing to this community. Certain priority doesn't change but at some point it feels as though there seems to be some changes but in reality there isn't.

Family has been my top most priority all my life, when I said family, it's not restricted to my immediate family alone, I consider my friends as part of my family because of the bond we share and the ability to leAn on each other in times of need. This I got to learn through my time growing up, I spent more of my time growing up with friends. I'm mostly home during the holidays right from my high school days to my university days, it was an interesting experience that thought me the importance of making friends and trusting people.


It's been quite a while since I've been on time to answer @EcoTrain's question of the week, and this is due in principle, to the answer of what this week they ask, my priorities, and it's not that the communities in which I like to make a life are not part of them, because I must say that #hive is within that cumulus of priority options in my life, however, there are things that are gradually dethroning others, for example, in 2019, my priorities were to generate steady income that would make me give stability to my son, something that did not end up arriving, even when my efforts were basically focused on them. At the beginning of 2020, my priorities were basically the same, I was just "more organized" in terms of accomplishing some goals in order to achieve them.


Last year, just as the world as we knew it changed and we faced the most challenging of times, I began the most amazing journey with a group of people in my community, that quickly became my tribe. We came together, because we all felt the urgency to create sustainable and independent infrastructure, that ensure a flow of abundance for all, secure our freedom and secure the sovereignty of each member.

We have been busy supporting one another, promoting truth, natural health and creating community gardens and community events. Our aim was always to become completely independent of the current system, a system that has continued to fail us.


Career, Family and Parents given an option to prioritizes among them, many people would get their life complicated. Pretty difficult to choose, considering each of them have its own importance.

Many a times life put you into a situation where making a choice would be very difficult, same happened to me 3 years ago. I was in a situation, where I had left to choose between a high paying career and my ailing parents. And in process my family would go in a tussle.

And finally, after a good thought and evaluating all possibility, I chosed my parents especially my Dad who got critical with high Blood Pressure, Sugar level and knee giving up with his ages.


For my family, they are still my priority but I already need them for myself since I am already growing older. I want to enjoy my life before I return my borrowed life to God. I want to have a little bit of transformation in myself. I need to prioritize myself. Imagine, how many long years that I never thought of myself. How long I am working here but I never give any gift to myself. I never bought even a simple dress because I was thinking first to give it to my family.

Since my mother died one year ago, the burden on my shoulder was lighten compared to yesterday. How would you imagine the situation of my bedridden grandmother for nine years and 7 years for my mother? The studies of my siblings at the same time was a big obligation I handled. I am not a professional person who came abroad to earned more than enough. That's why I was not thinking for myself before.

My mother's death and grandmother gave me chances to think for myself. It was so painful of losing them but we know all of us, will go back in the hands of God.


A few days ago, I wrote about my personal Covid-19 experience and at the time of finishing that post, just before publishing it, I still felt pretty bad. Just days before, I was sometimes wondering if this was going in the right direction (aka towards healing) or that the cough was going to get worse and count me on the unlucky side of the covid-19 patients. Heck, I even made a list of stuff my boyfriend would need to pack in case I'd needed to go to the hospital (yeah, I really did please don't judge haha). I was pretty scared ending up in a public hospital here, which isn't known for the best care but covid-wise still the only go-to. Getting hospitalized due to covid means -> public hospital. My worst nightmare. We all know that fear doesn't bring the best advice and I reminded myself that I should not let fear get the best of me.

Fast forward a few days and now I feel that I'm defo on the better hand and even feeling like doing something again. Last weeks I collected enough pictures and topics to write posts when I'd feel better, but I'm preferring to write whatever suits me best today, this new QOTW was the one. Especially after being absent a few weeks by not participating. The topic is actually quite resonating with me now as well, so here it goes.


When l decided to join this platform, the thought of being a newbie threatened to send shivers down my spine. The shivers still came but it didn't stop me.

It's not that l didn't trust my writing skill - I know my onion. I also know that time is needed for anyone to learn the ropes but l didn't have the whole day for it. l was already involved with other activities which were taking much of my time.

Do you know how l learned the ropes amidst all other activities that were begging for my attention?

I decided to do what l do best in such scenarios - outlining PRIORITIES.

Just so you know, anything that is seen as a priority is often given prior attention. The priorities we have

I tend to keep my priorities simple and they are as follows;

Personal Growth And Development:



This is an excellent topic to bring up at this point in time.
Because all of us, except those who already know, and have already planned for the coming destruction of currencies, nations, society, supply chains and the coming living conditions of the ice age we are now entering, are going to have to change our priorities.

So, to set your priorities, you must have a good idea of the future.

  • If you are planning for The US$ to be around in ten years, then all your plans are about to fall apart.
  • If you are planning to work until retirement age and enjoy your 401k savings, then all your plans are about to fall apart.
  • If you are planning to live in your energy INefficient suburban home the rest of your life, then all your plans are about to fall apart.
  • If you are planning to continue to get your food from a grocery store in exchange for dollars, then all your plans are about to fall apart.


What is important to you? there can be multiple possible answers to this question, because it is a personal selection that many times is oriented by generous, loving and responsible reasons, but in other occasions it is oriented by selfishness, evil and irresponsibility, and even multiple combinations can be made related to this, the relevant and significant thing to highlight is that this defines your priorities.


¿Qué es importante para ti? puede haber múltiples respuestas posibles a esta pregunta, porque es una selección personal que muchas veces está orientada por razones generosas, amorosas y responsables, pero en otras ocasiones está orientada por el egoísmo, la maldad y la irresponsabilidad, e incluso se pueden hacer múltiples combinaciones relacionadas con esto, lo relevante y significativo a destacar es que esto define tus prioridades.


I love to travel. I have been pushing back the beach and the desert for too long now, my soul can’t barely take it anymore.
However I’m still here, standing in my determination to not let this global state of purge bring me down.

So here I’m sitting, totally raved about the fact spring has knocked on the door and summer is not far around the corner; which basically is just my favorite season of being alive. The Sun & the Outdoors. Freedom in Mother Nature.

Now, having accepted many facets of 'reality' and of the world I was born, in over the past year, I know the beach and the desert may have to wait for a while.
In my world, that means there is something else to address and to focus on, in the meantime. It’s time for ‘work’.
Inner work, obviously in my case always. As above, so below.




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