ecoTrain Question Of The Week Season 5 # 1TIE-UP POST: It's a Secret, But is it good to have secrets?

Welcome to this first tie up post of 2021! Great start to the year everyone and a beautiful collection of your posts and responses to this weeks question about secrets. There was a wide range of topics this week, with a few surprises of course.. Well you guys never cease to amaze and surprise me with your responses each and every week!

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The Concept Of Secrecy

A secret is a hidden truth or fact or a statement of reality that is kept away from someone or people for diverse culpable reasons. The origin of secrecy itself is in the way our universe is formed, when you take a look at our world you'd see that our existence itself is not fully known to us,everyday scientists are discovering hidden things which of course is always illuminating and giving us different perspective about life and keeping us in the light.

This is to show that we humans didn't invent the concept of secrecy or keeping secrets, it's imbued in our nature and we're naturally cognisant of the good and bad that comes with keeping secrets but then in general term do keeping secrets does more harm than good? This is how we would weigh if secrets are natural human phenomenon that's somewhat of a necessary evil.



Desde que empezamos a tener uso de razón, comienzan los secretos en nuestras vidas, secretos nuestros, o secretos de otras personas, ¿Quién no ha tenido un secreto personal o ha guardado un secreto de terceras personas?, pienso que los secretos son muy comunes, desde niños aprendemos a tener secretos, a escucharlos y a llevarlos con nosotros.

Pienso que los secretos forman parte de la vida, no creo que exista una persona que no tenga secretos, normalmente los secretos empiezan a aparecer en nuestras vidas cuando hacemos algo que creemos está mal, o nos da vergüenza que lo sepan, o es una situación muy íntima y definitivamente no queremos que nadie lo sepa, desde mi punto de vista es una manera de proteger nuestra intimidad.


Since we began to have the use of reason, secrets begin in our lives, our secrets, or other people's secrets.Who has not had a personal secret or has kept a third-party secret? I think secrets are very common, as children we learn to have secrets, to listen to them and to carry them with us.

I think that secrets are part of life, I do not believe that there is a person who does not have secrets, normally secrets begin to appear in our lives when we do something that we believe is wrong, or we are ashamed that they know it, or it is a Very intimate situation and we definitely do not want anyone to know, from my point of view it is a way to protect our privacy.


Hello to everyone. I hope you guys are doing well wherever you are in the world. In this article, I will be giving you insights into the world of Information Technology specifically about us I.T. professionals (about our secrets pertaining to our expertise in the field of information technology).

But before that let's go back down memory lane and reminisce one of the best-kept secrets in the world specifically in commerce.

Trade Secrets

The Coca-cola Company is one of the first, oldest, and one of the most well-known companies in the world. Founded in 1892 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA it became one of the most beloved brands in the world because of its world-famous beverage, the Coca-Cola, also simply known as Coke.


Es un secreto, pero ¿Es bueno tener secretos?

Desde que tengo uso de razón entiendo que la vida está llena de secretos, en la medida que fui creciendo iba comprendiendo el significado de esto dentro de la intimidad de mis vínculos, viendo que cuando se revelaban tenían causas y consecuencias favorables y otras no tantas. Así mismo fui viendo a través de mi contexto que los secretos son parte de una cultura que oculta o reserva cosas con sentidos distintos basados en un comportamiento entre el bien y el mal del que todos somos un pequeño fragmento.
Since I can remember I have understood that life is full of secrets, as I grew up I understood the meaning of this within the intimacy of my bonds, seeing that when they were revealed they had favorable causes and consequences and others not so much. Likewise I saw through my context that secrets are part of a culture that hides or reserves things with different meanings based on a behavior between good and evil of which we are all a small fragment.



It's a question that I feel has no direct Yes or No answer because there are many dimensions to this. There are so many types of Secrets, but all with different intentions. So basically the intention behind it decides whether it is good to have secrets or not.

There are some Secrets that are kept with an intention to avoid any chaos or turmoil or one that if revealed may bring pain to the opposite person and I believe sometimes such secrets are good to be kept. One may not need to know everything, specially things which may bring too much pain or disturbance in life. Yes sometimes I do believe that living a lie is ok rather then living in pain and for such reasons if secrets are to be kept that is ok. A secret which can shatter a relation or break bonds are better to be kept secrets.

We all make mistakes is life and there are times we learn heavy lessons or pay heavy price for those mistakes, at the same time we do not want others to know that part of us, even our closest person, because that may create a crack in the relation. So I believe that in such cases it is ok to keep secrets. A secret which do not bring any harm to the opposite pers


There's something I want to tell you. Please don't tell anyone about it.

"Why? Is it a bad one?"

Can you keep it a secret? I just want to tell it to someone. It will help me to feel better.

"Why do you need to make it a secret?"

I don't know. It's just something I don't want everyone to know about it.

"My subconscious is talking."

I have been hiding secrets from a long time ago. I keep it hiding to avoid conflict. I don't intend to hide it. I just thought that it's the best thing to do. I just want to make sure that no one gets hurt and I will not be hurt. Am I a coward maybe that way. I know I am but to devour my pride it's worth it.

There were times that I was thinking to reveal it. I was on the edge of telling it already. How I am hiding it feels suffocating me. It's not easy to keep because you will feel guilty when you face those people. I know I'm a liar in front of them. I know I betrayed them. I hurt them with my own thoughts. I just then considered not since they didn't know.


When I hear the word secret it brings to mind, the very reason I live where I do.
Secrets are like rules, they are made to be broken!
If you want something to go public, tell a secret!
Being told a secret is like getting a lead on a story that no one else knows about. Having privy to matters that no one else knows about, makes many people feel special and they want others to realize that. In turn, the only way they can let everyone know how special they are because they have been told a secret is to reveal what they have been entrusted with.
So much for keeping that secret under wraps.

The only secrets that even stand a chance of remaining hidden are the ones we hide within ourselves.

I don't believe that there is a person out there that doesn't want to keep at least one thing from ever going public. I didn't want to be so blunt, but skeletons hang out in everyone's closet.
Not admitting that, is keeping a secret from yourself.


Happy New Year Everyone! I almost missed this week's question by EcoTrain regarding secrets. The question is phrased exactly: It's a secret, but is it good to have secrets? Well, my innitial instinctive response would be: I ain't telling, since it wouldn't be a secret any longer, but that would make it way too simple. As always, the question is quite a composite one, which needs a bit of deliberation.

Depending on the Secret

Okay, so let's start as close to home as possible, with the pettiest kinds of secret that wouldn't make much of a difference if you told them. Like setting the thermostat just one degree lower, because I think it's too hot, but don't feel like subjecting myself to pointless arguments with those who think it's cold. Or the fact that I take another cookie when no one's looking, after I'd already declared the previous one was gonna be my last one, simply because I don't want to argue about the amount of cookies I consume.


So let's ponder this question, is it good to have secrets?

My first response is absolutely, secrets are personal. If your best friend tells you something in confidence, isn't it good to keep that knowledge to yourself, it's a secret.

But what happens if that secret will hurt others if you keep closemouthed about what you know? Should you break that trust to help others stave off the pain of them not knowing?

It's quite a conundrum. I believe most people have secrets, some so personal they stay buried deep within their subconscious. Secrets that will never be revealed to anyone. It's personal.

But what happens if you are asked about a particular subject , say from your spouse or partner, that is personal to you but may be important to them, but it's a secret. Do you spill your guts or keep it to yourself?



This text is a unique ViewPoint
and may includes Sarcasm.
No rules without exceptions!

Happy New Year to all of you, here at the ecoTrain-community. I just read the excellent post from @stortebeker, answering the eco-trains QuestionOfTheWeek (thanks for that, btw). The subject, secrets, is a part of all my headaches lately. In my head it's turning around communication and the why a lot of humans have forgotten about the important value of words for a while now.

All the thoughts i had after reading made me want to participate here and share my side... my view point. If you would like to now more about the QOTW and the guidelines, which are not a secret, go over to ecoTrain's post.

Set Apart | Withdrawn | Hidden | Concealed | Private

Why do we set apart, withdraw, hide and/or conceal, make private? Where is the need for this? Every human is a secret. At least the mind is. Which makes sense, because we are individuals, each with a unique view point. And even when trying to share what is hidden, we mostly fail at it.


Hello to everyone reading this! It's been a long long time since i have taken part in the question of the week initiative, so i am very happy. To tell you the truth i don't have much time lately and i am already writing one post per day and add to that the manual curation. That equals zero free time left.

Anyway, let's dig into the question and try to give some answers or at least sharing my personal opinion cause that's what heroes do!

Secrets are lying everywhere around us and for the most part, we are completely unaware. That's why they called secrets, after all, dah!! Everybody has his/her secrets and the interesting or funny thing, depending on how you see it is that secrets are a part of us since we were born and we continue to exists till the end of mankind.


A sleeping volcano that can wake up

"The universe believes in cryptography. It is easier to encrypt, that is, to cipher information, than to decrypt or decipher it".

(Julian Assange)
The secret is part of life from before it is life because every life cycle includes processes that are not in sight and go unnoticed by the common people. Nevertheless, and in spite of the fact that existence is wrapped in a veil that even today persists in keeping much hidden, the time has taken charge of bringing to light the shadows of what was, exposing them in the arena of a today that is and projects itself strongly in what will be. But it is still easier to hide than to show, and this is a truth that governs many areas: "There are no secrets in life. Only hidden truths that live below the surface." (Dexter) Human relationships are as complex as objectively deliberating on something as subjective as secrets because even the most transparent being keeps things to himself that he does not want to share with others because of his own cognitive essence, myths, and controversial aspects because one thing is "trying" to live away from drama and another is to achieve it because however hard we try not to have secrets for ethical and moral reasons, it is hard not to get caught up in the web of lies and illusions that move the wheel of the world.


Big Brother

@eco-alex wrote in the question of the week post:

Although I'm sure big brother will of course have unfettered access.. that’s another story!

Lol, talking about Big Brother. I found out that Big Brother the tv show has relaunched a new season last week in Belgium. And instantly I wondered is this a coincidence, that we are now all watching Big Brother on tv again for our entertainment while we now have social media and know that the world may be under total surveillance in the near future?

I watched the show when it once started but didn't follow the other seasons. I decided to watch episode 1 this time because I was curious about what circumstances these people would live in this time. The house was probably not that different and filled with cameras all over the place.

What was disturbing was the comment that was made in between the lines (as if it was totally normal) stating that there would be secrets revealed and this could go back until they were born. I don't remember the exact words, but this was the context. Soon I found out they had been screened from the moment social media was here. Most of us probably know that there was a time that we all used our full first and last name on social media channels, and some of us were at an age (teenage?) that we could never foresee how this would be on the interwebs forever and may hunt us in the future?


It boiled by blood and exploded my mind and smile. To be honest, I have a secret that I kept and I will keep it until the end of time. It will be realized as long as I should not reveal this to other party.

Secret is secret and we should respect the one who did it. There are so many valid reason why they kept it secret.

But is it good to have a secret?

It depends upon how to deal it according to the matter about the secret. It is really beneficial to everyone to have a secret.

In my side, I had so many secrets and had been forgotten some of those hidden agenda. I never regrets on having a secrets rather than hurting somone else. Like for example, when I was younger, we had planted squash and my mother counted how many among the squash to be harvested after three days.But I was tempted to harvest one of them and cooked. My mother did not allow me to cook it because she needed enough money on that time. She would hit me it she know. I didn't want that my mother will lost her trust to me. I considered it as a white lies hidden inside of me.

The time she harvested those squash, he found oilut that someone took 1 piece. She said that maybe the bypasser was hungry. I was speechless and I didn't want to say any word adding lies to what I done. Until now, my mother is already in heaven but I kept thhis secret.


The secrets have been part of the world, in fact, around many aspects of life you can sense that some pieces of the puzzle are missing to find full meaning to relevant facts of history, as is the case of the life of Jesus Christ, many stories have been woven about the hidden life of this exemplary and wonderful figure, and if we start reading the bible we do not find personal data of Jesus, However, science believes it knows information about the personal life of Jesus, a life in a couple, with offspring, which reminds me of a saying that says "between heaven and earth there is nothing hidden", Secrets exist and will always exist, in some cases to protect others, in other cases for negative and harmful purposes, but they are part of life, is that good? Is that bad? it depends on the context, I can't consider it bad if a mother tells her little four year old daughter that her father is out of town when he is really in prison, although sooner or later the truth will be known, it is preferable that the girl stays away from that cruel reality until she is older, however I consider secrets among the most direct family to be bad but as I said everything depends on the context.

Los secretos han sido parte del mundo, de hecho, en torno a muchos aspectos de la vida se puede intuir que faltan algunas piezas del rompecabezas para encontrarle sentido completo a hechos relevantes de la historia, como es el caso de la vida de Jesucristo, se han tejido muchas historias acerca de la vida oculta de esta ejemplar y maravillosa figura, y si nos ponemos a leer la biblia no encontramos datos personales de Jesús, sin embargo la ciencia cree saber información sobre la vida personal de Jesús, una vida en pareja, con descendencia, lo que me recuerda un dicho que dice "entre cielo y tierra no hay nada oculto", Los secretos existen y existirán siempre, en algunos casos para proteger a otros, en otros casos con fines negativos y perjudiciales, pero son parte de la vida, ¿Eso es bueno?¿Eso es malo?, depende del contexto, no puedo considerar malo si una madre le dice a su hija pequeña de cuatro años que su padre está de viaje cuando realmente está en la cárcel, aunque más temprano que tarde se sabrá la verdad, es preferible que la niña permanezca apartada de esa cruel realidad hasta que tenga más años de edad, sin embargo considero nefasto los secretos entre la familia más directa pero como dije todo depende del contexto.


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