Is It Good To Have A Secret?


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Happy New Year to all of you, here at the ecoTrain-community. I just read the excellent post from @stortebeker, answering the eco-trains QuestionOfTheWeek (thanks for that, btw). The subject, secrets, is a part of all my headaches lately. In my head it's turning around communication and the why a lot of humans have forgotten about the important value of words for a while now.

All the thoughts i had after reading made me want to participate here and share my side... my view point. If you would like to now more about the QOTW and the guidelines, which are not a secret, go over to ecoTrain's post.


Etymology of the word Secret


Set Apart | Withdrawn | Hidden | Concealed | Private

Why do we set apart, withdraw, hide and/or conceal, make private? Where is the need for this? Every human is a secret. At least the mind is. Which makes sense, because we are individuals, each with a unique view point. And even when trying to share what is hidden, we mostly fail at it.

Isn't it all about communication? When i don't communicate, my thinking is secret!? When i communicate i share a secret!? So this seems to be a kind of protection for myself. I keep secrets to protect me!?

The word "secret" is from around the 14 century, a dark time in Europe. The area of the black plague, the Hundred Years' War, the height of chivalry, the transition from the medieval warm period to the little ice age and so on...

So, to me it looks like the beginning of the use of the word is somehow linked to, what i call, the ego-selfish-ego. Hard times to stay alive with many knowing better what and how to live, like kings, popes and their followers. Combined with the fear of death. Hard times to have enough to eat for all. Maybe someone will come and steal all the stock of food, if they're not set apart in a "secret" place.


Secrets Today

After i've seen where the word comes from and that it is to protect me, i understand that even today secrets are an important part of our lives. It's more the how it's used part that is concerning.

When there is a truth found that could help the better good for all of humanity and this is kept secret, to me that is just evil! We know it is a fact, that these kind of secrets exist and worked to stay hidden for the sake of power.

Like keeping a secret about medical plants who are inexpensive and, for thousands of years already, a natural way of keeping a human body healthy. The petrochemical medicaments of big pharma replaced them for the sake of money. These secrets are kept and are even lied about with a huge propaganda machine to only one point, that soon nobody knows the truth any more.

That kind of secret is sickening. The natural ego of humans became an ego-selfish-ego, a psychotic personality to protect unhealthy illusions. There are so many sick secrets in the name of profit, it actually is a shame to be a "proud" member of society today.


Now, is it good to have secrets?

IMHO, it is important for a sane and healthy life to have secrets. It's about respect and an impeccable communication to oneself. Privacy is based on these healthy secrets.

I feel it's an act of keeping the balance, like with all things in life. Is it for the better good of all? Good. Is it for the ego-selfish-ego profit of oneself? Bad.

With a conscious observation of life we can find truth. When you find this truth, you will realize that there is no word to explain this art, this feeling, this "knowledge"... it's secret. And it will stay secret for the masses until they discover it for themselves. I know this is good so!

Peace Love and Grooviness

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