QOTW: Season 5 #1: It's a Secret, But is it good to have secrets?

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It boiled by blood and exploded my mind and smile. To be honest, I have a secret that I kept and I will keep it until the end of time. It will be realized as long as I should not reveal this to other party.

Secret is secret and we should respect the one who did it. There are so many valid reason why they kept it secret.

But is it good to have a secret?

It depends upon how to deal it according to the matter about the secret. It is really beneficial to everyone to have a secret.

In my side, I had so many secrets and had been forgotten some of those hidden agenda. I never regrets on having a secrets rather than hurting somone else. Like for example, when I was younger, we had planted squash and my mother counted how many among the squash to be harvested after three days.But I was tempted to harvest one of them and cooked. My mother did not allow me to cook it because she needed enough money on that time. She would hit me it she know. I didn't want that my mother will lost her trust to me. I considered it as a white lies hidden inside of me.

The time she harvested those squash, he found oilut that someone took 1 piece. She said that maybe the bypasser was hungry. I was speechless and I didn't want to say any word adding lies to what I done. Until now, my mother is already in heaven but I kept thhis secret.

Why I kept it secret?

To be honest is the best policy in life but there are things to be considered that we need white lies. Does it depend upon how big the issue is?

Another example from me is about love. I was married to my husband. I worked in an establishment together with him. We were 30 employees I was assigned in controlling the in and out of stocks. One of our co worker, a 40 years old marriec man courted me secretly.But I refused his evil intention to me.He repeatedly asking my affection and if I accept him, he planned to bring me to another place. My God, I could not do it leaving away my family because of him.

There was a time that I was tempted to confess the story to my boss and my husband but I was so grateful to God above that He guided me to restore our relation without damaging each and everyone's trust.

If I tell it to his wife and my husband, maybe my husband would become a criminal. Maybe our boss will expel him from work. I can't afford that his family will become hungry if he lost his job.

I stayed myself keeping the secret and it was me who kept away from him. I didn't give him chance to talk to me anymore. I stopped myself giving smile or greetings. I made changes on how I deal with him. And I did it well. Nobody knows it but I was never been touch by that bad person.

The secret can save certain situations without adding an injury. We need to think it over and over again before bursting our mouth with anger. Making senses and restoring our feeling with calmness and understanding.

When I went home during the wake of my husband, I saw the man. He could not see me direct to my eyes. He felt shy and embarrassed. I forgot his mistakes but I never talked to him even a single word. His wife was there too but he and only me knew the secret about his supposed to be betrayal to his family and my husband. I never give him.chance to talk about it again most especially that my husband was already dead.

That's my story and so glad opening my secret with @ecotrain.

Thank you so much!

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