When I hear the word secret it brings to mind, the very reason I live where I do.
Secrets are like rules, they are made to be broken!
If you want something to go public, tell a secret!
Being told a secret is like getting a lead on a story that no one else knows about. Having privy to matters that no one else knows about, makes many people feel special and they want others to realize that. In turn, the only way they can let everyone know how special they are because they have been told a secret is to reveal what they have been entrusted with.
So much for keeping that secret under wraps.

The only secrets that even stand a chance of remaining hidden are the ones we hide within ourselves.

I don't believe that there is a person out there that doesn't want to keep at least one thing from ever going public. I didn't want to be so blunt, but skeletons hang out in everyone's closet.
Not admitting that, is keeping a secret from yourself.

Some of these skeletons can be dark secrets, that in the long run will rear their ugly head. Other secrets may be personal matters that are not harmful to ourselves or others, but for one reason or another, we don't want them going public.

Secrets/secretively/seclusion are all akin to privacy, and we all know where we are headed with that one. I have many secrets and plan on keeping them that way. My life is mine and I would like to believe I'm the one who gets to decide what parts of my being I want to share with others.

That is the last thing BIG BROTHER BIG SNOOPER wants.

These couple of lines caught my attention.

The day may very well soon come that we can quite literally read each other's minds! Some of us might do this quite naturally.

After spending almost 50 years now, growing up, growing older, and growing old with my partner in crime, it is almost scary how connected we are. Unspoken vibes save us so many words. Our thoughts merge as different stimuli bring us to pondering a situation.

Over the years, two closets have become one, and keeping secrets from each other is not possible.
I'm the last guy you would ever want to tell a secret to. Tell me a secrete and it becomes esoteric in nature, entombed in two souls that have become one!


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