ecoTrain QOTW Season 5 #1: It's a Secret, But is it good to have secrets?

This week @ecoTrain QOTW is : It's a Secret, But is it good to have secrets?


It's a question that I feel has no direct Yes or No answer because there are many dimensions to this. There are so many types of Secrets, but all with different intentions. So basically the intention behind it decides whether it is good to have secrets or not.

There are some Secrets that are kept with an intention to avoid any chaos or turmoil or one that if revealed may bring pain to the opposite person and I believe sometimes such secrets are good to be kept. One may not need to know everything, specially things which may bring too much pain or disturbance in life. Yes sometimes I do believe that living a lie is ok rather then living in pain and for such reasons if secrets are to be kept that is ok. A secret which can shatter a relation or break bonds are better to be kept secrets.

We all make mistakes is life and there are times we learn heavy lessons or pay heavy price for those mistakes, at the same time we do not want others to know that part of us, even our closest person, because that may create a crack in the relation. So I believe that in such cases it is ok to keep secrets. A secret which do not bring any harm to the opposite person, but if revealed would create a turmoil, it is better to keep such secrets rather then reveal.

In a home life specially the women are keeping many secrets. But these are the lighter ones, just to keep a balance in the family life. I remember when my son was small, I would not tell my husband many things about my son's actions. In the growing up he was making some mistakes, but he was learning from it, so then I do not need to make big news about it. These are all the lighter ones, which has no impact on anyone.


There are many secrets which are kept with an intention to bring harm, these are the secrets that should come out in the open loud and clear. The Government agendas all have some implications on us, which they never reveal, these secrets are never revealed by any media, but as the picture starts unfolding by itself the secrets come out, by then the damage has already happened.

Specially in the times we live now, whatever we are facing and going through, there is so much hidden agenda which is never being told to public, rather we are given a very false picture and made everything looked like it is being done in the favor of common public, but the real truth is something different and these are the secrets which common people never get to know.

A very good e.g. is the Covid situation, no one till date knows the complete truth, there are so many stories around how it originated, a lot is being revealed with evidence how this is a pre-planned pandemic. This whole secret was with a very malicious intention of destroying the humanity to a good scale. There were people who also anticipated this and they were called Conspiracy Theorists and now people are looking upto them to know the truth.


The mind reading programs which are being developed, to an extent will be good for getting to know these types of truth. But then again the big question is, if these are the same people who are inventing it to get a hold over the whole of the population and to control them, will they design a program which can even work on them the same way it works on masses. For me the answer is No. If ever something like this comes up, it will be designed in a way which is beneficial for the creators, so to an extent it would be a one way street. So it may look luring, but then it may never work the way it is expected by the people. The creators and implementers will get to know our secrets but we may never get to know theirs.

Personally I would never entertain such a system in my family life. I believe that everyone has a right to reveal what they want and what they want to keep it for themselves and everyone around should respect that, even if it is the closest relation.

We can learn so many things from the way our Universe functions. Our Universe also has so many secrets, which gets revealed in the right time or never get revealed to us, and that is only for our greater good.

As I mentioned there is no direct Yes or No, it is more about the intention behind the secret and if that intention is of a saviour then it is ok to keep the secret and if the intention is of destruction then it is a crime to keep that secret.

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