So let's ponder this question, is it good to have secrets?

My first response is absolutely, secrets are personal. If your best friend tells you something in confidence, isn't it good to keep that knowledge to yourself, it's a secret.


But what happens if that secret will hurt others if you keep closemouthed about what you know? Should you break that trust to help others stave off the pain of them not knowing?

It's quite a conundrum. I believe most people have secrets, some so personal they stay buried deep within their subconscious. Secrets that will never be revealed to anyone. It's personal.

But what happens if you are asked about a particular subject , say from your spouse or partner, that is personal to you but may be important to them, but it's a secret. Do you spill your guts or keep it to yourself?

I believe secrets are meant to be kept. Tucked away for just your own perusal when these thoughts or ideas rise to the forefront of your brain. I do think that the only time a secret should be revealed is when it can truly impact others seriously.

When something is kept hidden there is usually a good reason to do so. Sparing hardship or heartbreak jump to the top of the list for me. Divulging something that is private, hush hush so to speak, to others takes a giant leap of faith. I mean, let's face it, most of us can't keep a secret for long, it burns a whole in our minds, just like that ten bucks you just found in your pocket.🤑

What about the secrets you keep from your children? Like the birthday present hidden in your closet, or the fact that the Easter Bunny didn't really hop around the house in the dark to hide eggs. These are good secrets to keep, until of course they get old enough to ask the question, is Santa real?

There's a huge difference though between a secret and out right lying. If I were asked about something that was kept hidden I would not lie, I would just pivot to avoid lying, yet not divulge the info. In my world, the only person I would trust with my secrets is @thebigsweed, I know him so well, I know he can keep a secret for sure...not only does he not listen to me, but he's hard of hearing. 😄😂🤣


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