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A sleeping volcano that can wake up

"The universe believes in cryptography. It is easier to encrypt, that is, to cipher information, than to decrypt or decipher it".

(Julian Assange)

The secret is part of life from before it is life because every life cycle includes processes that are not in sight and go unnoticed by the common people.
Nevertheless, and in spite of the fact that existence is wrapped in a veil that even today persists in keeping much hidden, the time has taken charge of bringing to light the shadows of what was, exposing them in the arena of a today that is and projects itself strongly in what will be.
But it is still easier to hide than to show, and this is a truth that governs many areas: "There are no secrets in life. Only hidden truths that live below the surface." (Dexter)
Human relationships are as complex as objectively deliberating on something as subjective as secrets because even the most transparent being keeps things to himself that he does not want to share with others because of his own cognitive essence, myths, and controversial aspects because one thing is "trying" to live away from drama and another is to achieve it because however hard we try not to have secrets for ethical and moral reasons, it is hard not to get caught up in the web of lies and illusions that move the wheel of the world.
@ecotrain with its question of the week inserts us once again in a deep reflection on something that seems trivial and yet has very sharp edges that need to be filed with delicacy and respect because it is part of the universal being: "It's a Secret, But is it good to have secrets?"

It looks like a tongue twister, but it is in itself the core of the nature of what is hidden for the reasons that cover it up. A secret is always a subterfuge, complicity, a sleeping volcano that can wake up.

Mask by baerbelborn in Pixabay

Is it good to have secrets?

I particularly don't like secrets because they seem to cloud the connections, the links, the delivery. I have long understood that the clearer the water from a source, the more confidence I have in drinking it.

CONFIDENCE is key to following the path of this thought. I feel that one cannot trust those who hide truths for more "good" reasons than they think they have. If there is a need to have secrets, there are bandages, masks, there is no fusion into the process the giving and receiving.

That favors working by FAITH: "Believe in me", but it hinders RECIPROCITY, the giving and receiving of the heart is rarefied with "secrets".

Woman by Geralt in Pixabay

A sleeping volcano that can wake up

There is a popular saying " Between heaven and earth, there is nothing hidden" and time conspires to make it so. No matter how much care is taken to disguise reality, no matter how much care is taken to cover up instances so that truth does not come to light, it will seek to slip through the cracks that God opens to show himself.

To live with secrets and half-truths is like sitting at the foot of a sleeping volcano; none knows when the crater containing boiling lava will explode, which will roll overall on its way.

You need the courage to assume life without masks or covers because life offers them almost free to continue the circle it paints. Although, it is also true that he painfully detaches himself from the mask when he wants to, and for us, it is difficult to believe again after seeing his face.

This vision is like contemplating the eruption of a volcano of lies and falsehood which is what it often becomes to deal with half-measures and deception, because hiding information is a way of falsifying reality, of manipulating the environment, of wrapping oneself in a mantle of appearance and false morality.

It is difficult to wake up in a simulated reality. Knowing "secrets" that are broken and unbalanced, moves the floor to faith in humanity, in governments, in relationships, and even in oneself, because many times we join a network of lies that we perceive beforehand without support, but that are comfortable.

That is why I try to live as authentically as possible, without getting tangled up in false positives or joining the lie of living without risk. Life as truth is a risk, if you need to hide your face behind walls of secrets, you stop living for fear of what others will say.

Fear is part of hiding and fear is nothing more than fear of the Light, it is enthroning yourself in the shadows and "burning in the fire that makes you grind your teeth".

Being authentic and good people is what we must work on, bringing the Light to our shadows, because deception will never cease to be a protagonist in the theater of life.

Light on the shadows by Couleur in Pixabay

"I want you to be aware of. Do you see this? Never tell anyone. They will beg you to tell them the secret, but as soon as you find out, it's all over, you understand? They will ignore you. The secret doesn't impress anyone. The deception you have employed is everything."

(Sir Michael Caine in the film The Final Trick)


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In response to ecoTrain Question Of The Week Season 5 #1: It's a Secret, But is it good to have secrets??



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