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The Concept Of Secrecy

A secret is a hidden truth or fact or a statement of reality that is kept away from someone or people for diverse culpable reasons. The origin of secrecy itself is in the way our universe is formed, when you take a look at our world you'd see that our existence itself is not fully known to us, everyday scientists are discovering hidden things which of course is always illuminating and giving us different perspective about life and keeping us in the light.

This is to show that we humans didn't invent the concept of secrecy or keeping secrets, it's imbued in our nature and we're naturally cognisant of the good and bad that comes with keeping secrets but then in general term do keeping secrets does more harm than good? This is how we would weigh if secrets are natural human phenomenon that's somewhat of a necessary evil.

The Human Psychological Aspect

Psychologically, the main reason why we keep secrets or why secrets are kept from us is because we are afraid or scared of the feedback or reactions of people and vice versa. There are reasons why secrets are kept from people; to keep them in ignorance, to protect them to test their attempt at loyalty, or fear of loss.

However Irrespective of the ideas of secrecy it's the reaction of a person towards being kept a secret from that makes people, government and entities keep secrets in the first place. These reactions can come in forms of anger, disgust, pain, revolt, hatred or even shock and shock can lead to death, when people come in cognizance with the truth after living in contention with secrets kept from them it changes them totally and they're never the same.

Without sugarcoating it, secret is an untold form of lies. We must understand that something isn't a secret if another party isn't Meant to know about it. For example if I prefer beef over fish this isn't in anyway a secret because the effect should we tell someone about this food preferences wouldn't change how they see or feel about us because it's an information that we do not fear to divulge, hence it's not a secret.

Nevertheless if we fear to give some certain information that would change how people or persons would feel about us then it becomes a secret because we're threatened by the prospective feedbacks or reactions of people towards us. This isn't to say secrets can't be good, the universe itself hids secrets from us, like the day we would die. If we for example know when we'd die then wouldn't it change our idea towards the concept of being alive in the first place?

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A Possible Negative & Positive

Secrets are good and secrets can be bad just like everything in the world has its advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes the intention behind keeping a secret is what makes it utterly dark. That's why our intents matters a lot in our every course of action. One's intention might not justify a secret but our ideas or reasons for keeping a secret might just be justifiable.

For example the Nigerian government keeps secrets about how they spend the country's money, keeping people in the dark about the real amount of money that comes into the nation's purse everyday. Now what is the intent of this kind of secret? The intent is dark, wicked and grotesque, they fear that people would demand more accountability, transparency and change should they reveal this figures and hence this intention makes that secret a hideous thing that should be brought to light.

One thing is that we can't totally cover every aspect of secrecy but then most of the times secrets are meant to deprive people of the state of the harshness of our reality. One ironical thing is, many times we aim at wanting to protect the people we love by keeping secrets from them but then, we end up hurting or harming them.

The jolt of having to be exposed to something different after having believed or lived something we have been used to all our lives can be detrimental, truth is secrets never remains secrets the only way it does is because we're not here for eternity, we're here for a short while and sometimes we carry secrets to our graves because even in death we still fear the reactions and feedback of people.

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How It Influences Human Relationship

In conclusion, secrets does more harm than good and this mathematical odds proves to us the reality that exists with secrecy. We wouldn't stop keeping secrets irrespective of this because it's in our nature to obstruct the truth for diverse reasons. A secrets is a hidden fact that we consider too sacred especially if it reveals a lot about our personal self.

In the long run, secrets changes how people sees us, we become disjointed with people who we see as our friends because of the secrets we keep from them. Eventually we end up losing in the long run even if our only reasons was to protect the people we feel we love. The concept of bad or good secrets is separated by the intent but whatever our intent is, it doesn't change the fact that it destroys our relationship with people and that's the price we eventually pay.

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