ecoTrain Question Of The Week Tie Up Post 5.3: Name five or more people that you listen to. Why do you trust them??


Hey everyone! It's time for the ecoTrain QOTW tie up post! This week we asked "Name five or more people that you listen to. Why do you trust them?", and the response was VERY interesting indeed! Its not often that so many of us post with so may of the same answers and themes, but this week it REALLY stood out. Almost everyone spoke about... FAMILY! Whether it be your mother, brother, son, grandpa or partner.. it seems that almost all of us listen to and trust our family. That is heart-warming to hear, and even though i cannot really say the same, i think that is a very good thing! Who better to listen to than the people who know us better than most, and have our best interests at heart! Thank you all for sharing so many beautiful posts!

Id like to share a few of the people that you listen to below, nicely summed up for easy and quick reading! There were of course a few people that were mentioned apart from family!


My late Grandpa

Ray Dailo.

My brother

Tony Robbins

Miriam Defensor Santiago


Barack Obama

My Son

My Wife

People here on the Hive chain

My Mother

The Voice Of The Society

Steve Jobs

The Voice Of Age and Experience

My Husband



Name five or more people that you listen to. Why do you trust them??

@ecotrain come out with yet another interesting question! :D Thanks!

  1. My late Grandpa
    I used to listen a lot to my grandpa, he was the spear head of the family when he was a live. Such a wiseman, I trusted him 100%! He was a great thinking and also a doer and he always brought so much happiness to every situation :D
    He was also the one who introduced me to investment and savings for that matter. Which we really first saw after he died, he never talked about money but he taught me tricks and nudged me in a direction of saving.

  2. Ray Dailo.
    This is properly a bit weird one. I listen a lot to Ray Dalio from time to time, now I don't follow him blindly, he is such an amazing thinker but with I don't think he is correct when it comes to crypto :D
    He also reminds me a lot of my grandpa, so maybe thats why I feel like having a connection to him xD


Let's talk about trust!

Maybe you have the same experience as myself, when I was young I used to call people my friend easily, just because we got along fine. In my young teens I started to discover that real friends often can be counted on one hand, and the others are people you know or hang out with. That you get along doens't mean someone deserves to be tagged your true friend.

With the discovery of this, I also realized that I should probably be a bit more selective in who to trust because where I found it normal to keep something between us when someone revealed personal info or even a secret, others clearly didn't all share the same values. You could say that over the years, I learned that it's better not to trust someone quickly, even if it feels as if you have a deep connection.



We live in groups in our society. One is dependent on the other for the sake of necessity. We often have to trust on known or unknown people for various tasks. Although we are often deceived by that trust. Even then we have to have faith in people.I like a quote from Abraham Lincoln about trust. The quote is:

It is dangerous to trust everyone, but it is even more dangerous not to trust anyone. - Abraham Lincoln

So let's find out who I listen to and why I trust them.

1. My Mother

My mother is my best friend. I share everything with my mother about anything. She happily supports me and gives me various suggestions. Which I always try to observe.My mother loves me very much. She does not give me any advice that will harm me. She always wished me well. I have shown since childhood that she used to try to keep me well even though she was in a lot of trouble. So I feel comfortable listening to my mother and easily believe in anything she does.


Hello Hivers!

I hope you guys are all okay wherever you are in the world.

Just like any other individual, I do also look into someone for inspiration and then try to practice the good things that those individuals have done before and are still doing.

There are so many people out there that we can listen to (to the good things that they are saying). But somehow, we do have some specific person in mind that we like very much and take inspiration with.

As for me, here are the people that I listen to. They were the first that comes to my mind when thinking about the people that I listen to and why I trust them.

Here they are...

Steve Jobs

Do I need to say more about this next famous person that I listen to? Well, he's just the one that created Apple, the company that gave us the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

I'll be more straightforward about why I listen to Steve Jobs (I still find time to watch his iPhone product launching). He once said to "stay foolish" when he attended a graduation ceremony. And boy, look at Apple now, it is the first company to be valued at $1 trillion.

He was a marketing genius.

I listen to him because I can learn a lot from him on how to be successful.


Five people that I listen to. Why do I trust them?

As a young girl I would always looked upto people for advice. There was one time in life, where I believed that I absolutely had no sense of doing things and I always had to take advice. And for that reason I would always had a fall back on people and did what they had to tell me. As I matured and understanding of life got better, I started getting independent, my fall backs reduced. But those people never realized that I have now grown up and matured and have a better understanding to deal with my life, then going on their advice, so they still keep telling me things and all I do is now, ignore. Because I realize that my life is mine and more then me knowing what I am going through and what is best for me, who else will know it.


Hello Everyone! It's nice to be back!

It's been more than one year since my last post here in Hive and now I have returned. I am glad that my husband persuaded me to return, he told me that there are communities now that I can join that relates to my interests and ecoTrain is the one that he mentioned that I can join to. So, here I am.

Speaking of people that I listen to and trust, the first people that comes to my mind is always my family members because they are always the one that I talk to and always hearing what they are saying.

So, without further ado, here are the five people that I listen to and trust.


Five people that I listen to. Why do I trust them?

In the beginning, confidence is a matter of relativity somewhat, so it is necessary for the beginning to ask yourself on what basis is this confidence built?
On the basis of love and friendliness, on the basis of respect, or on the basis of an interest in work?

Trust has many principles and many methods that you must base your affairs on before deciding whether or not to trust so-and-so.

Before I say I trust this person, I have several personal standards and I do not know if these standards are widespread or not, but I define them based on my personal experience.
In the beginning, does this person trust himself, if the person does not trust himself, then stop my trust in him?
Is this person worthy of respect, then the person you trust should be a new person with respect, who knows what he is doing, and this is what makes us not place our bet or our trust on a drunk person, for example ..
Finally, to what extent should I expect this person?
Do I expect something very important to me from him and how important is this thing?
It is the relativity that I talked about at the beginning of the post ...



Naturally we humans are observers, as much as we talk, we generally listen too. Our listening skills often Influences our feedbacks, our reactions, our assertions and our positions concerning a whole lot that relates to life's issues and that's why who we adequately listen to matters a whole lot. I want to talk about who I generally listen to and who of course influences me in a whole lot of ramifications. But then I want to start from a point of default, from an aspect where we have to listen or have no choice than to listen then reach a point where chose to listen.

The Voice Of The Society

We must understand that there are times we listen simply because the voice is assertive and we have no choice and there are times we chose to listen simply because we make choices to listen. First of all THE SOCIETY is a voice that talks and we listen irrespective of how selective our perceptive filter is. Inasmuch as we don't know, our society has a voice that generally speaks to us about the life lessons we must imbibe by generally teaching us through the experience of people, their success and their failures. I categorically listen to the voice of the society because "it's all-knowing", it's like an ocean of knowledge we must tap into to take charge or control of our lives.


Trust is a vital, crucial and essential tool in life while dealing with people around you. Trust is like an egg that we treat with special utmost care such that when it falls, it is gone.

Trust is not a one-sided thing, it should be part and parcel of two persons especially in relationships and when dealing with people, there should be no reason to doubt how you trust someone because it might result to problems.

A person like me, I'd like to say that I'm trustworthy in everything I do but that doesn't mean I'm perfect, I'm working towards being a better person much more than the way I am now.

At this juncture, I'd like to appreciate the organizers of this contest for this great opportunity, I believe that we all will learn from each other and contribute immensely to the growth of this community.

There are five (5) persons I listen to and trust with all of my heart.

  • First is God: God is the author of everything in the whole world, everything is in him, He created me and you, he made everything. As a result of that, I see no reason I shouldn't listen to him. I listen to God not because I just want to listen to him but because he owns me and knows what's best for me. His ways are correct and good for each and everyone to follow.

  • Second is My Dad: Apart from God, without this man I wouldn't have been here in this world to fulfill the purpose of which I was created to fulfill. My dad is a man of God (Pastor), he has been preaching the word of God for 20 years now. He shows me the right way to go about and shows me the way of the Lord right from when I was born. I listen to his fatherly advise because he wants the best for me; each time he talks to me, his words are impactful and full of wisdom, he inspires and motivates me a lot.


Hola amigos de @ecoTrain me siento en un gran compromiso ante la pregunta de esta semana, Nombra cinco o más personas a las que escuches. ¿Por qué confías en ellas? Tengo la dicha de contar con mucha gente maravillosa en mi vida que con sus palabras alegran mis días y brinda la confianza plena para impulsarme a seguir mi misión.

Empiezo por mencionar a Zoraida ella es mi madre una mujer de pocas palabras pero de grandes acciones que han sido mi ejemplo para yo impulsarme a seguir mis objetivos. Ella es una mujer de procedencia humilde a su temprana edad pudo cursar estudios básicos, después de casada con mi padre y tenernos a mis 3 hermanos y a mí, decidió estudiar muy en contra del patriarcado y cometarios soez, ella continuó y culminó sus estudios de bachiller y luego se profesionalizó en el área asistente dental, siendo muy distinguida en su promoción se graduó con honores y yo la veía como mi ídolo, gracias a ella mi afición de ser una buscadora del saber en especial de aquello que sea una pasión para mí.


Hello @ecoTrain friends, I feel a great commitment to this week's question, Name five or more people you listen to. Why do you trust them? I am blessed to have many wonderful people in my life whose words brighten my days and give me the full confidence to push me to follow my mission.

I begin by mentioning Zoraida, she is my mother, a woman of few words but of great actions that have been my example to push me to follow my goals. She is a woman of humble origins, at her early age she was able to study basic education, after marrying my father and having my 3 brothers and me, she decided to study very much against patriarchy and vulgar comments, she continued and completed her high school studies and then became a professional in the dental assistant area, being very distinguished in her class she graduated with honors and I saw her as my idol, thanks to her my hobby of being a seeker of knowledge especially of that which is a passion for me.



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