Tesco Finest Mini Mince Pies

Good Afternoon Festive Friends,

This is the last of the Festive treats I have had over the Christmas Period. You can’t have Christmas without mince pies! It would be an absolute sin! I had these Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.


Tesco Finest Mini Mince Pies

”12 Mini all butter pastry cases filled with mincemeat infused with cognac, French brandy and port, with a sweet dusting.Rich crumbly pastry with a delicious mix of plump vine fruits. Napoleon glacé cherries, festive spices and citrus peel. Infused with Cognac, French brandy and port for a deeper flavour."

I’m not normally a fan of mince pies as I always seem to start off enjoying them, then suddenly I’ll come across a really horrible flavour in my mouth which I believe is candied peel or I get a weird crunch come out of nowhere. These ones though… I enjoyed every single one of them. I don’t know if it was because they were mini ones or just because they were a really lovely mince pie. Let me tell you about them. The pastry was crumbly and sweet. I really liked the top of the pastry case where they made it look like a snowflake. That was a nice touch. The filling was very fruity and juicy. It wasn’t wet but it was moist and jammy. I could definitely taste the flavour of the alcohol too. The fruit was plump and the pastry cases were filled up very well. Great little morsels.

These were so good and they definitely tasted like an ‘adult mince pie'. The first two days I had them straight out of the packet. Only did I realise that you could heat them up too! So yesterday I had them heated up in the oven and I had some thick custard on the side to dip them into. Oh my God! I wish I had thought of that before. These would go great with brandy butter or brandy cream too. I hope Tesco bring these back next year. I’m going to be all over them!

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