Mr Kipling Mini Bakewell Selection

Afternoon Everyone,

When I saw this in the supermarket, I couldn’t decide if I wanted normal bakewell tarts or this one. Then I decided to bite the bullet and give these a go.


Mr Kipling Mini Bakewell Selection

”3 Mini Cherry Bakewells - Pastry cases with a layer of plum and raspberry jam and vanilla flavour almond sponge, topped with almond flavour fondant icing and half a glacé cherry. 3 Mini Lemon Bakewells - Pastry cases with a layer of lemon flavour curd and vanilla flavour almond sponge, topped with lemon flavour fondant icing and gold and white sugar pieces. 3 Mini Caramel Bakewells - Pastry cases with a layer of caramel sauce and vanilla flavour almond sponge, topped with caramel flavour fondant icing and gold and bronze sugar pieces."

I started off with the Caramel Bakewell as I thought I was going to like this the least. The tart was small but it was packed full of caramel flavour. The gold and bronze sugar pieces looked pretty elegant on the caramel fondant. When I bit into the tart, it had a delicious filling of caramel sauce and the almond and vanilla sponge was just perfect along side it. It wasn’t overly sweet either. Next, I went for the Cherry Bakewell. I thought I knew what I was getting myself into with this one. I was wrong! This tasted nothing like their normal Cherry Bakewells. It had a really funny taste, like I was eating another brands tart. No, I didn’t like this one at all. I can’t quite put my finger on what part of the tart was wrong. The pastry seemed quite dry. I’m sure it must be the same party on all three tarts Could be to do with the filling, I suppose? There wasn’t enough filling in this one, that’s for sure. Maybe that was a good thing, as it must be the flavour of the jam that tasted off. It just wasn’t nice at all. Then I moved onto the Lemon Bakewell. This was so lemony and it was a blessing after the nasty cherry one. The lemon fondant had lots of lemon flavour, as did the centre with the lemon curd. You could smell the lemon off the tart and it was a nice, pleasant smell. Very fruity and fresh. The tart was not as tart as you would expect with so much lemon flavour going on. It worked really nice with the vanilla and almond flavoured sponge too. This was a mother favourite.

I wish Mr Kipling would sell the Lemon and Caramel Bakewells separately like they do with the Cherry Bakewells. They were so yummy. They can stick their Mini Cherry Bakewell where the sun don’t shine, and to be fair, it did taste like it had been stuck there in someones behind. How could they get it so wrong with the Classic Cherry?? So glad the others made up for that one. My personal preference out of the minis is definitely the Caramel one first, followed by the zesty and sweet Lemon one and finally the Cherry. That Cherry one… just no! But I will still enjoy the normal pack of Cherry Bakewells… So long as they don’t change the recipe to this one.

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