Godiva Hazelnut Oyster with Belgian Milk Chocolate

Is there a pearl of a gem in this oyster??

Let’s see how this Godiva Belgian Chocolate Oyster compares with their Belgian Chocolate Lion.

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Godiva Hazelnut Oyster with Belgian Milk Chocolate

”Luxurious Hazelnut, Individually Wrapped Milk Chocolate Oysters: Fine Belgian Milk Chocolate with a luxuriosly creamy praline filling.
Godiva have been masters in the art of Belgian chocolate making since 1926. Our deliciously rich, smooth chocolate is exceptionally crafted with passion and flair by our Chocolatiers, using only the finest ingredients, to delight and indulge the senses."


When I was given there, I thought I was getting some more of their Chocolate Lions as I was really impressed with them and I loved the caramel that’s encased in sumptuous Belgian chocolate. My husband bought me these and I was a bit upset they weren’t the lions I was expecting, but it’s Belgian chocolate, so I couldn’t say no without trying them. Again, these are individually wrapped and the chocolates are shaped like an oyster. The centre was a smooth praline filling. I couldn’t help but compare this to the Guylian Chocolate Seashells. These were nice, but I would say the Guylians are better. The praline filling, albeit is nice. It did taste a bit pale. It just wasn’t a strong chocolate flavour that I was expecting. At first glance of this box, I came to the idea that these had a whole hazelnut in the middle. I was wrong. I do think these could be made a bit more special by having that whole hazelnut to represent the oyster. if the chocolate was a bit richer too, I think this would go down a treat.

So these were not as good as the chocolate lions or the Guylian chocolate seashells. They were nice, but not as good as the rest. I wouldn’t write these off though. They are a close second to the popular chocolate seashells. If I was given these as a gift or a treat, I would not be disappointed in anyway shape or form. These without a doubt are much better than commercial confectionary chocolate. You still can’t go wrong with any Belgian chocolate. I guess I just have the taste for something a teeny weeny bit more special.

Godiva Caramel Lion with Belgian Milk Chocolate
Guylian Belgian Chocolate Seashells

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