Tesco Granola Squares

Time for some fruits and nuts,

After so much cream and pastry, I thought I’d tell you about something just a little bit more healthy. Granola Squares.

Tesco Maple & Pecan Plait

”4 Granola squares with sultanas, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and sweetened dried cranberries.
Packed with cranberries, sultanas, pumpkin and sunflower seeds for a fruity, oaty bar."


Just the smell of these attracted me to them in the first instance. I don’t normally shop too much in the bakery section and I usually like my sweet to be made of cake, chocolate or donuts. I wouldn’t normally go for fruit and nuts but I thought I’d try them. There are 4 squares in the packet and the squares are pretty large. I would say they are about an inch and a half smaller than my hand. They are about just under 2 cm thick as well. The Granola squares are nice and chewy. I don’t like hard granola as it feels like I’m going to snap my teeth out. I love the oaty, sweet taste and the bite of the seeds. This is packed full of cranberries and sultanas. Back in the day I would have preferred these without so much fruit. Now I’m like 'the more fruit the better!’

These are chewy and crunchy all at the same time, but not rock hard! I just love the flavour of these. I thought I was being really good having them. I did eat all of these on a Sunday evening whilst I was catching up on The Bachelorette. They flew down the hatch. Then stupid me picked up the packet to see how many calories I had just eaten. I was shocked!! One granola square was 322 calories!! I ate 4 of them!!! That’s over 1200 calories! Never did I think I ate that much! Not for some fruit and nuts. Even donuts are less! But these really tasted so good. I think to have them again, I better zip my mouth all week so I can enjoy these again on a Sunday evening whilst catching up on trash tv!

Tesco Maple & Pecan Plait
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