Tesco Bramley Apple Turnovers

Apple Dessert Time!

Yesterday I wrote about Tesco Strawberry Jam & Cream Scones, today I have another fruit and cream dessert from Tesco… Bramley Apple Turnovers.

Tesco Bramley Apple Turnovers

”2 Puff pastry triangles filled with stabilised cream and Bramley apple filling."


I couldn’t wait to tuck into these after the disaster of the scones. From the outside these look very plump and full of filling. Hopefully I was going to be in for a treat. The top of the pastry had a really nice sugary top and I could tell the pastry was nice and flaky. I don’t eat these the normal way. Just like the scones, I pull them apart and eat. I saw the filling. I was nice and full, just what I was hoping for. The cream was such and so airy and really had a lovely dairy flavour to it. The brambly apple filling had lots of chunks of fruit in it surrounded by the apple jam. It was sweet but not too sweet and with the cream as well, it made it a really lovely apply dessert. I’m going to make sure I get some ore of these as one box wasn’t enough.

I don’t normally like apple desserts as I’m normally the person who ends up with a hard piece or core and it makes me feel like I’ve got a fishbone in my mouth or something and that really puts me off eating any further. Thankfully both of the turnovers were full of fruit and cream and not a core in sight. I was able to happily enjoy these apple and cream turnovers right until the end. They really did put a smile on my face. Not because of not having any hard, unpleasant bits, but because they were packed full of fruit and cream. They were so good I could have eaten another packet all to myself.

Tesco Strawberry Jam & Cream Scones

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