Tesco Strawberry Jam & Cream Scones

For the love of cakes!

Last night I decided to give myself a fresh cream treat. I love a cream tea so I decided to get some jam and cream scones in. Read on to find out what I made of them

Tesco Strawberry Jam & Cream Scones

”2 Scones split and filled with stabilised cream and strawberry jam."


Well in the pack these look delightful. Two large scones filled with strawberry jam and cream. The scones were dusted white heavily with fine icing sugar and on first glance the scones themselves looked rather thin. I pulled them apart to investigate the middle. I was disappointed to see the cream on top of the jam, I much prefer tit the other way round. Well let’s face it, you wouldn’t put jam on a sandwich first and then the butter, so why would you do it with cream? The filling looked sad too. There wasn’t enough cream in comparison to what was pictured on the side of the box and there could have been more jam too. I decided to eat the scones in half. On both of them the cream stuck to the top half leaving the jam on the bottom. The cream was nice, but there really should have been more. It made the scone feel a little dry. You could say that was because I didn’t eat it as a whole. Well if I did, I think my mouth would have gone like trying to eat a dry Weetabix. I tucked into the other half there there was a real thin layer of cream stuck to the jam. The jam was fruity but there were no strawberry bits in it. I’m just glad I had my glass of milk to wash down the two scones.

Disappointed to say the least. I would have expected a bit better as I have had other chilled cream desserts from Tesco before and they have been well filled. Maybe I just got unlucky. I think this would have been so much better if they doubled the amount of filling. It really was dry and there was hardly any flavour to the scone itself. It was quite bland. I think next time I’m better off buying scones, jam and cream separately and making my own up. At least that way I can control the amount of filling and put the jam on top of the cream… just how I like it.

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