Mr Kipling Apple, Pear and Custard Tarts

Morning Sweeties,

After my Cherry Bakewell experience, I fancied trying something new. Last night I sat down to the first episode of I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here . I wanted something sweet and new to eat whilst I get fully engrossed in my programme. So I chose these.


Mr Kipling Apple, Pear and Custard Tarts

”Discover the Mr Kipling Signature Collection Apple, Pear and Custard Crumble Tarts; crumbly Mr Kipling pastry with a dollop of apple and pear filling, covered with a layer of creamy custard and finished with a crunchy butter crumble."

First of all, I had to wrap the packed gently. I saw there were lots and lots of crumbs in the bottom of the tray. I did not want that going all over me. As I pulled out the tray from the cellophane wrapper, I did get covered in crumbs!! Nooooo! So I had to carefully clear them up before I could sit down and eat one of these tarts. When I bit into the tart, the crumble did have a really nice flavour to it. It did have that taste like a hot crumble coming out of the oven. as I’m writing this now, I wonder if I could have warmed them in the oven… Hmm. The filling of apple and pear had a lovely fruity flavour, but the taste reminded me more of a fig roll… why? I don’t know. I did expect to see some chunks of pear and apple in the filling, but there was no fruit at all. Not in any of the tarts I had… and yes I ate all but one! The filling was more like an apple and pear sauce. There was custard on top of the sauce and it was average.

When I saw these on the shelves, I knew I had to try them. It’s been a while since I’ve had anything fruity other than Cherry Bakewells or Donuts. I can’t remember the last thing I ate that was pear flavoured. Not even the fruit itself. I did like the look of the crumble, so I knew they were going in the base and into my mouth. The tart all together was nice, but I think that was because I was eating something different to what I usually have. I would have them again as overall they were good and I didn’t dislike them. I think what would add to the flavour would be some fruit pieces. I’m not even sure if they are supposed to be in there or not, but that’s what I think would improve them greatly.

Mr Kipling Cherry Bakewells

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