Mr Kipling Festive Bakewell Tarts

Afternoon Sweet Things,

I couldn’t wait to tuck into these last night. I had my eye on them for a few weeks now. They had been sat in my cupboard for a few days too and it was so hard not to dig into them… Well I did last night… Were they a festive treat?


Mr Kipling Festive Bakewell Tarts

”Light pastry cases with a layer of plum & raspberry jam, moist almond flavour sponge, soft icing & finished with sprinkles.

Finally I manage to sit down to my favourite programme, a glass of cold milk beside me and the box of Festive Bakewell’s sat on my lap waiting to be demolished. I open the pack and take put my first Festive Bakewell Tart. It did look festive with the green, red and white sugar pieces on top. I took my first bite. Meh! I really thought this was going to taste a lot more fruity and festive. I know these are essentially a Cherry Bakewell with sugar pieces instead of a glacé cherry on top, but this did not taste like a Cherry Bakewell. It had the same taste as the Cherry one I had out of the Mr Kipling Mini Bakewell Selection. I really didn’t like it much at all. I think there was far too much fondant to go with the sugar pieces. Maybe if they reduced the fondant and added more jam, it might have made a difference. The jam was in there and it liked like the right amount. It just had a really funny taste. I won’t be buying these again. I hope the normal Cherry Bakewell’s taste the same or I will be greatly disappointed. I think I might have to stick to the Trifle Bakewells from now on.

I knew these were going to be the same as the Cherry Bakewell’s just with multicoloured sugar pieces on top instead of a cherry. I did not expect them to taste different to the Cherry Bakewell though. Normally I can easily eat a whole packet of these. I was a bit disappointed. I ended up eating 2 and a half and gave the other half to my husband. Now I’m going to have to eat the remaining three tonight so they don’t go to waste. I’m sure I’ll end up having something else to go with these as they aren’t going to satisfy me at all. Keep your eyes peeled!

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