Mcvities Jaffa Cakes Orange & Cranberry Flavour

Evening All,

My husband found these in the shops. I don’t know why he bought them. Nothing compares to an orange Jaffa cake, and the other flavours we have had before are horrible… Let’s hope this is different.

Mcvities Jaffa Cakes Orange & Cranberry Flavour

”Light sponge cakes with dark crackly chocolate and an orange & cranberry flavoured centre"


Ok, so these look like the original Jaffa cakes, but they certainly don’t smell like them. I but into half of the jaffa cake. Yuk! Just as I thought. I knew this was going to be horrible after all the other flavours I have had from them before. Not bought by me, but I’ll try anything. Yes these do taste like orange and cranberry, but it’s like eating a soap! It’s so perfumery! No thank you!

Well this was a quick post. Not really much to say on these apart from ’SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!’ So much hype about these so I’ve heard, but they are nothing to be shouting about. Just disgusting. So much so after I had the one bite, I put it to one side and said to my husband he has to eat the rest of the pack or put them in the bin. Just don’t bother! Nothing Christmassy about this flavour at all! Bah-humbug!!

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