World Class Clown Show – Revenge of a Turkey!

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So far, turkeys were roasted for holidays. Now one turkey has a chance to roast the World in a drunken revenge…

The story so far:





And there she goes…


Are we in a Twilight Zone now?



Of course the event of such caliber attracts fake news:



Nancy Patricia D’Alessando Pelosi (March 26th 1940 – July 31st 2022)

See? Even the date is few days wrong. Completely fake. But here are the true news from Onion:


This is the most watched World Class Clown Show. Don’t miss it now – currently, over 300,000 people is watching it live. You could do it too if the server endures:

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Always remember Julian Assange was the first to expose global criminals
Не заборавите да је Џулијан Асанж први разоткрио глобалнe злочинце

* * *

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