USA: Fired!


Global corporations have abolished the State and fired the President of the United States. Joe Biden is really a phantom, an illusion of President in a process that is going to happen very soon: dismissal of the state bureaucracy!

In the first phase of a state takeover, corporations were forced to buy (corrupt) state bureaucracy. Their ‘investments’ in the corrupt politicians were counted as a ‘production cost’. Today the technology got to the level where corporations can cut costs by completely eliminating bureaucracy! Of course it is possible – now they have blockchain!

Do you remember a story about the CBDC? With the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) – a programmable ‘money’ – all banks other than Central ones will become redundant. Bitcoin already can replace them completely. But the Central Banks (a financial corporations in reality) want technology to serve them in their wet dreams of total control over the population. They will have as much success as there are gullible people to use their ‘money’.

But that is just the first step. Coronavirus Hoax paved a way for a complete digitalization of documents and identities. Putting all the data in blockchain and creating digital governance system, means there will be no need for a state bureaucracy any more. Those corrupt leeches will become anachronism just as banks already are. And corporations will dismiss them. After the Big Tech corporations filed a suit against the state of Florida over alleged first amendment violations, it becomes clear that state bureaucracy becomes not only an excessive financial cost, they also can become a threat to corporate arbitrariness:

Duration: 24:40

Why would a decent robber share his hard-looted money with those landlopers? Why should any respectable mass murderer risked some Congress passing laws there that could cost him dearly? Bureaucracy becomes unnecessary in the World after the Great Reset. Biden is there as a transitional solution until the CBDC go live. A puppet whose failure and inability will show how ‘superior’ techno-totalitarianism really is in relation to the old state bureaucracy. They will be FIRED and Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and Google will become your new organization of a global totalitarian virtual State. They will lend you their services in exchange of everything you have. Including life.

If that plan of corporations succeeds, God can hardly help you.

Never forget that Julian Assange was one of those who took off the mask from the corrupted political system in the U.S.

* * *

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