Clown of the Month: Boris Johnson

Choosing the March Clown this year wasn't really hard at all — he stepped up himself! And with the description from his own father!

Speaking at the Foreign Affairs committee in Parliament, Labour MP Ian Austin made a completely disgusting comparison saying that Vladimir Putin will use Russia's Football World Cup “like Hitler used the Olympics in 1936”. He called for England to boycott the tournament.

Replying to the comment, The UK Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, has agreed: “Yes — I think the comparison with 1936 is certainly right.” Mr Johnson added that "on balance, it would be incredibly unfair to punish the (England) team".

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Question arises immediately — does this “fact lover” know who Hitler was? What he has done to Russia? Let's give him a benefit of the doubt. Let's say he is stupid enough that he don't know that Hitler has killed 27 MILLION Russians during the Barbarossa operation in the WWII.

Here is a bit of undeniable history: That Olympic year, 1936, Soviet Union boycotted Hitler's games, but UK didn't! UK didn't mind Hitler “using games” at all!

And the Russian embassy staff from the USA has reminded the clown in chief of UK diplomacy, under the hashtag “MunichBetrayal” at this remarkable scene from May 14th 1938, as the English team give the Nazi salute during the German national anthem at a football match in Berlin:


What else could be expected from almost a man whom his own father, an author, Stanley Johnson, described as a clown in his latest book “Kompromat”?

If you don't have the time to read, see his visit to the RT's “Going Underground” — describing the character from the book, former mayor of London, who obviously mirrors his son from reality: “He could be serious too, if it was absolutely necessary”. It's just after 4:00 :)

And Bo Jo responds to his father a month later, stating that MPs speaking to RT is a ‘scandal’

MS - vlcsnap-2018-03-23-15h37m36s36.png

Maybe Stanley is right, and just maybe his offspring can be serious one day. But who can wait for so long? For him, it would be a great progress if he could just transform into a true, funny clown, somewhere far away from any government… In this way he can only make a damage to his country or even internationally.

Oh, BTW, what did he do about those BREXIT negotiations? Scream “Russia”?

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