US ELECTION FRAUD 2020: The Democracy End Game


When I recently wrote about the election fraud in Serbia, I thought that it can’t be worse anywhere in the World. Well, United States are a Great Land of Miracles – they can do nobody else can.

One note at the beginning: Covid-19 Hoax and Election Fraud are not the operation of removing Donald Trump. It is an operation of removing the idea of democracy. Everything was done for that purpose: Liberal ideology of ‘wokism’, political correctness, destruction of family through introduction of completely abnormal practices, rule with terror and total surveillance, toxic centralized internet tech companies, introduction of acceptable, euphemistic terminology… for example, former bankruptcy now is called ‘default’, inflationary emission is called ‘quantitative easing’ and censors are now called ‘fact checkers’. Everything led to cancellation of democracy. Moreover – the end of State…

Cancellation of Democracy

A few months ago, I have described a destruction of democracy in Serbia. There, you could see two unseen elements of electoral robbery: Absolute massive fraud with the issues at 2700 polling stations (one third of all polling stations in Serbia), where elections were cancelled by the Administrative Court, and complete disregard for the Court decision! And the fraud was so obvious that even the electoral commission in one moment posted a report where it says that the participating parties has got 102,48% of votes!

102 posto940_1453x940.jpg

Well, the Empire took this kind of fraud to a new level. For example, even in Serbia it was not possible to send votes through mail without an identity verification. Even in Serbia it was not possible to prevent counting control, which is why the fraud was revealed. Even in Serbia there wasn’t an electronic voting through a hackable machines that can tweak the results in a second:

Electronic vote fraud caught live on CNN (Duration: 6:39)

The Empire made the fraud so massive, that it simply can’t be resolved even if it is this obvious:


…that it can’t be resolved with recounting because a good part of Trump’s votes were already destroyed:


…that it can’t be resolved at any Court in the World… And who cares for the Courts anyway? Courts are there for processing the poor people and protection of the ruling class. It’s a complete cancellation of the Democracy idea. U.S. is not a democracy even like Venezuela, which invites foreign observers to their elections!

Since it is hard to believe that the elections will be repeated in a fair conditions and with foreign observers, only one conclusion can be drawn: Trump has lost. But that is just the beginning of the story…

Cancellation of the State

If we perceive the State as a public mechanism established on the consensus of the elementary rights protection, then as such – the State does not exist any more. The proof on that was given as soon as Trump spoke the word fraud. Eight major media houses interrupted the broadcast of Donald Trump’s speech as soon as he uttered the word ‘fraud’, and the presenters immediately started explaining how the president is – lying!

Duration: 1:20

Twitter went into the full censorship mode blocking almost every of his tweets… the rest of ‘social media’ followed.

These are clear signs that United States are actually a corporatocracy, and that private interests of corporations through censorship are making known to the public who is really the boss. You cannot show any sorrow for Trump, because he knew it, but did nothing to stop it:

Duration: 12:17

You may argue that Trump wanted to restore the democracy and the power of the State, but the results of his tenure are telling that he was actually served only to reveal the true situation, and nothing more than that.

From Bad to Worse

So, the ‘state consensus’ is broken. A mass of people whose lives were destroyed in unbridled capitalist globalization, and who voted for Trump hoping he will change something, are now at the square one again. Of course they won’t accept these results. And they are right to do so. You can do a few easy mental experiments to understand them. For example, would you consider viable a win of a candidate who hid in the basement for the whole campaign over a candidate who gathered at least 50,000 people at his campaign rallies all over the country?

Or, you may ask yourself a question: Would you let Joe Biden drive your kid home from school? OK, that may sound too drastic, especially if you have a daughter. Let’s use Lionel’s formulation: “Would you want Joe Biden to drive you home from the airport?”

Biden brags with the largest number of votes in the United States history. Imagine the joy of masses who could in droves vote for the most corrupt candidate in the history of the United States who can change with ease a Prosecutor General of another country who was inspecting a corruption affair with Joe’s son, crackhead Hunter who is sleeping with his niece and gathers corruption money for his father.

Special kind4l7zlc.jpg

Imagine how is it possible that Democrats cannot get more seats in the Congress and Senate, but their corrupt candidate sweeps the sympathies of the people like no president ever before.

Imagine how all the Biden enthusiasm reigns among the masses when his vice president is so enthusiastic:


Trump has got no chance at the Court, which will gladly sacrifice the individual to save the system. In case this obvious criminal fraud is peacefully accepted, the rich and poor gap will further get wider, and the U.S. economic crisis will deepen. Capitalist corporations with regards only for profit will certainly not bring any better to the people. Even if they would have the best intentions, their liberal ‘elite’ is incapable of producing any positive outcome. But we will leave outcomes for the next text. You can have a short insight from our @leecamp:

Until then, you will have to bow and congratulate to a new president – President Harris! I meant president Biden.

Never forget that Julian Assange was one of those who took off the mask from the corrupted political system in the U.S.

* * *

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