US ELECTIONS: Turkey Voting for Christmas

Harris Administration  20200917_133336.jpg

Once again, corporate media has managed to impose its narrative on the American people: no one is asking for the third option anymore. One can only choose between two evils…

And both candidates are evil indeed. Globalist darling, senile Joe Biden, who does not distinguish between Iraq and Iran, would certainly like to continue the policy that Obama pursued so catastrophically. If his mental failure becomes intolerable, you will soon have…

‘Harris Administration’

You wouldn’t believe a man who cannot tell his wife from his sister, if he would promise you a $100 billion if he gets to the Presidency, right? It really doesn’t matter, because he certainly will not be a President more than few months…

A woman will take it after that, and SHE will promise you $100 billion… and who knows what else. Just see again that last 30 seconds to hear the promise of ‘Harris Administration’:

Would you believe her? I believe their game is called Gaslighting. Her side already prepared electoral fraud through voting by mail.

The other evil is promising to return production from a devious China to the US of A. Why his plan will not bring any good?

Consequences of US–China Decoupling

Trump’s plan to ‘tariff evil China to the doom’ is a complete diversion that does not have anything with the truth, and therefore can’t bring a positive solution. His premise that China will pay for the tariffs is simply wrong. The higher price of Chinese goods will be paying US taxpayers. China would care only if there was a serious competition with a lower price for the same goods. There isn’t any. China is a factory of the World, and it expands very quickly.

Now, the other part of this bad plan is US–China decoupling. A lose-lose proposal which means cutting off trading connections with China, ‘because they have stolen our jobs’, hoping that Americans will be forced to produce necessities inside US. And again, he breaks down the wrong door with his boot. China never stole one job from US. All the jobs were transferred to China by the US corporations. You can’t transfer production without transferring technology. All the technology was transferred there by US corporations eager for cheap labor. And there is the answer what will be Trump’s ‘solution’ – cheap labor!

You see, you can’t seriously expect Trump force major corporations to bring back their production and jobs to US and sacrifice their profits. It is not Trump that have power over them – vice versa, they are the ones that rule over USA through the corrupt system of political power, corrupt media, and ministries of force. They are in collusion with Trump. There is a simple proof – despite all the Trump’s talking, their profits are growing. This was a year ago. Today Apple is the first corporation with a market cap over $2 TRILLIONS.

So, you can look at the Trump’s talk from the other side, and then it looks like this: Not one job will be returned to USA until the labor is cheaper than in China, which will result in complete impoverishment of the working class masses!

This is why elections 2020 are going to look as a turkey voting for Christmas, if there is not a third, call it a popular option, organized to bring down the Imperial system of rule. But at the moment such force appears, we are more likely to see the war than a peaceful transition of power through elections.

Such is life.

Never forget that Julian Assange was one of those who took off the mask from the corrupted political system in the U.S.

* * *

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