US ELECTION FRAUD 2020: Plutocracy Plan & Lessons Learned

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Looking back into the past, we can see all the more similarities with the times of a great economic crash of 1929. There are only two major differences comparing to that age…

If you have, by some miracle, never heard a story of the 1929 Stock Market crash and the Great Depression afterwards, you may find many documentaries over at YouTube, so you really can choose a point of view. Here are a few examples:

1929 Stock Market Crash and the Great Depression (Duration: 58:35)

The Crash of 1929 (Duration: 52:13)

The Great Depression After The 1929 Financial Crash (Duration: 49:36)

There are many more of them. Watching the documentaries, you can easily see astounding similarities with the current global events. Before the collapse there was a huge growth of the stock market which seemed as if it would never end. Can you guess where the stock market is today? Correct, it is at the historical top:

DOW Today20201116_191855.jpg

At the time, stock market was the greatest robbery of global wealth in history – just like today! And there were people who warned that Stock Market was a terrible scam which is not going to end well. Nobody listened to them. Just like today.

You also had the greatest gap between rich and poor in history, which was caused by a Great War and big flu pandemic called ‘Spanish fever’, which originated – from Kansas! Did anyone took completely the same recipe? Where’s the difference?

Well, the differences are in the events to come. In the Great Depression after the 1929 crash, people responded creating a strong workers syndicates and by creating parties that threatened either to dismantle the two-party theater, or to carry out – a revolution. Franklin Delano Roosevelt prevented such an outcome by a blasphemous idea – heavily taxing the richest! They never forgave him, and they obviously learned some lessons from that event.

Today, plutocracy do not want to repeat history, so they are not ready to see new FDR who could bring the prosperity back at their expense. The richest among plutocracy now have much more power than they had in the FDR times, and they have mastered manipulation of the masses through technology. They also have an experience from the last century, so they have made a fake left, preventing the true workers organizations to establish. They even successfully installed a billionaire as the voice of all ‘deplorables’. Yes, instead of a lame duck, plutocracy installed an angry duck in their Big Sheeple Theater – as a matter of fact, angry Donald duck as an outgoing President…

So, the revolution at this moment is excluded thanks to the atrocious division among the American people and the powerful mechanisms of the Internet ‘valves’ to divert and release energy of rebellion. But this is not over yet. Now we are coming into the worst depression ever, and when people are left with nothing to eat, the revolution will become relevant again. You will probably recognize the moment seeing pics similar in spirit to this one:

100 dollars carDocu  The Crash of 1929.mp4_snapshot_48.36.710_cr.jpg

In that case, the division will probably be executed into a civil war. Or a great global war, like WWII was. It’s a foolproof plan, right? Can anything prevent such plans? I would bet on Plutocracy’s Hubris. Satanic plans always carry an intrinsic seed of self-destruction, albeit always comes with a very high death toll. Aside of that, they are obviously underestimating the other big difference:

The emergence of – Bitcoin.

November 16th, 2020. 21:00 CET BTC to Gold Ounce
1 BTC = 8.88403 oz

Bitcoin Core (BTC) Historic Price Chart

Never forget that Julian Assange was one of those who took off the mask from the corrupted political system in the U.S.

* * *

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