Trump’s ‘resistance’ to the election fraud is vanishing in the wake of coordinated corporate media/Big Pharma/Big Tech/Wall Street onslaught. There is no longer even illusion of democracy. Throwing away the sheepskin, the Empire now acts openly like a wolf coming for prey…

Trump emerged as a phenomenon of dissatisfaction with the policies pursued by the fascist neoliberal plutocracy. Those psychopaths have enough power to install anyone they want at the position of POTUS, but they are not able to understand you can’t eliminate dissatisfaction with force. On the contrary, it will make it even greater. When Biden says that ‘the things are going back to normal’, he just project wishes of the psychotic plutocracy. It can’t be done:

Duration: 2:43

And it certainly can’t be done with a people projected for the new administration:

Duration: 5:41

America is destined for tyranny, more wars and more misery under Biden/Harris. The same monstrous system that brought you the bloody spectacle of tearing down the WTC Twin Towers, the lies about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Russiagate, gas attack in Syria, Covid-19 pandemic and many more misfortunes, is back to destroy and plunder what’s left of the United States. They do still have control over the most important levers of power: Financial system, media and force (army & police). That control allows them to do crimes without any fear of punishment:

Duration: 26:33

Three wise men in this episode of CrossTalk are Ray McGovern, Jim Jatras, and Oliver Boyd-Barrett.

The Next Level

So, the democratic game is over. Nobody believes that fairy tale any more. Now we have clear corporate tyranny in the United States and in a majority of World countries. Tyranny can be overthrown only by an awaken and armed people. Which means, there really isn’t any other way to restore a Republic.

At least awakening is much closer. The good thing of this election steal would be that at least 75 million Americans will be devoid of a dangerous illusion that Trump is going to solve their problems. He never was a saviour. The other element of awakening will be – hunger. The Coronavirus Hoax is projected to destroy economies and cause hunger which would allow psychopathic plutocracy to establish full control over food and sheeple. The problem is, how to control the rebellious mass when that moment comes?

Corporate media and big tech are trying to find a solution to the problem “how to de-program 75 million Trumpists”. And their solution in sight is again – media control and division. All those disappointed people who left YouTube, Facebook and Twitter because of censorship, went in droves to – other centralized platforms! Currently, Parler has exploded by number of new users:

Parler Alexa rank

Since November 6th Parler membership soared as a result of massive refuge from the Twitter censorship. Unfortunately, Parler is also centralized. So, the best thing that could happen is creation of two bubbles, a liberal and conservative, whose members will not hear each other and will be irreconcilably opposed. Just as plutocracy would want to divert the attention from their own criminal deeds.

Second thing that can happen is – corporate takeover of Parler. You could see it is possible even with a decentralized DPoS platform like Steemit. With centralized platforms it is much easier. Control of the narrative is control over sheeple.

The true awakening – if it ever comes – will be recognized through a mass adoption of decentralized platforms and abandoning centralized ones. Unfortunately, I can’t see that in the near future…

Never forget that Julian Assange was one of those who took off the mask from the corrupted political system in the U.S.

* * *

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