[Текст на српском] Now, you may think this would be a funny post, right? See the videos, read the text, and then think again…

It was a usual Trump-bashing day, full of hot air in Washington’s “Impeachment Saga”, when suddenly, a Democrat party member of ‘Intelligence’ Committee, Eric Swalwell, broke a… OK, you’ve got to see it for yourself:

Duration: 3:44

It is a miracle what a modern microphones can pick up, isn’t it? Aside of that miracle, there is a corporate media tragedy which is far more important than you think. So, in a day where you have a bunch of extremely interesting news going on in the U.S. like for example about the documents which show that US drug-maker Purdue Pharma ran a campaign to suppress negative stories about its widely-prescribed opioid painkiller, an infamous OxyContin, which is responsible for more than 400,000 deaths in U.S. since 2000…

…or the news how tect giants, Google and Facebook, with their business models based on surveillance (Look, this is THE NEWS!), are taking over human rights all over the World…

…or the news about the imminent fate of NATO:

…or about big Brexit bang, or about the World burning literally (global warming news from Europa, from Africa, from Australia) and figuratively through a number of massive riots (France, Germany, Colombia, Chile, Haiti, Iraq, Iran, Hong Kong), completely forgotten civil war in Ukraine which has become a safe haven for ISIS terrorists, creeping civil war in Bolivia after the fascist coup, wars in Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Lybia… and instead of all that, U.S. corporate media are obsessed with #FartGate!

You really can’t expect them to remember something extraordinarily important, like for example a destiny of free speech in this World and its new Promeus, Julian Assange:

Duration: 8:03

So, instead of laughing to another corporate clown, Eric Swalwell, make a meme or do something else to remind corporate media what should their work be. And then − since they are not going to listen to you − leave them forever and search for an alternative, true media. Don’t let any hot corporate wind blow your focus from the important things.

Never forget Julian Assange!

* * *

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