ELECTIONS 2020: Stirring the Melting Pot

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Once it was called ‘Melting pot’ for its ability to absorb most diverse cultures from all over the World, and allow them peaceful cohabitation. Today, something ominous is stirring inside the pot…

One more month to the big day. You don’t have to be an prophet or an analyst to see what’s cooking today. It is enough to see some of the scenes from the U.S. cities

Duration: 1:37

NFAC – Not F**king Around Coalition from one side, and from the other… Proud Boys!

Duration: 1:13

If you have ever seen – or if you ever lived in a country destroyed by civil war, like I was – you would easily know what comes after these demonstrations.

Of course, everything would be fine if those two groups would turn barrels of their weapons against financial plutocracy in the United States, but unfortunately, the situation is reversed. Plutocracy is stirring the pot in such a way they will push those poor bastards against each other, in order to forget the real culprits for their misery. It’s not a conspiracy theory any more, it is the end of a cycle.

Neither Trump, nor Biden will solve the problem – they are a part of the problem. I’m afraid that it is too late for a massive popular rebellion, and can’t see anyone who can prevent the worst of developments. Can you?

Never forget that Julian Assange was one of those who took off the mask from the corrupted political system in the U.S.

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