Clown of the Month – July 2020: Mark ‘Avoid Peace in Europe’ Esper

If you ever asked yourself: “Will there be another World War?”, your @lighteye has a decisive answer… No. WE ALREADY ARE IN WAR!

Competition for the Clown of the Month in July 2020 was exceptionally fierce. It was in the last hours that Mark Esper, 27th United States Secretary of Defense, used to grab this exquisite title.


How did he do it? Well, in one word he confirmed a theory of prof. Saifedean Ammous explained in his excellent book The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking, that there was not two World wars so far, and that we had only one, long World War since the beginning of the 20th Century, which large financial capital, embodied through central bankers, has waged against the entire world population. It is one war which only changed forms over time, according to the balance of powers. You can read about it in my series on THE WAR following the links at the end of those texts.

Announcing a removal a part of U.S. military forces from Germany, he literally said:

“…so we can all deter Russia and avoid PEACE in Europe.”

Duration: 0:30

You see? It’s not a theory what Saifedean Ammous has described in his book. Esper was genuinely worried that peace could break out in Europe, and destroy his big, long hybrid war, and all the profits it brings.

Yes, you can say: “Well, it was just a slip of tongue, he didn’t mean it.” I would disagree. He did not pause to correct himself or apologize for the mistake. If you suspect the video could be edited, look at the full conference. Critical part is beginning at the [27:20] mark:

This clown just said what already was on the remnants of his mind. The United States rose to the position of superpower on the destruction of Europe during WWII, and there is no need to change the successful plan to get out of this crisis. He did not get the position of the Secretary of Defense by chance…

A West Point graduate, Esper began his career with decorated service as an commissioned officer in the United States Army. Later, he served as a Senate staffer, chief of staff at the Heritage Foundation, and Vice President for Government Relations at Raytheon.

See that revolving door where he came from? That’s the mighty military/industrial complex with the powerful motto: “No war, no profit!”

It was not by accident

Please, don’t forget Julian Assange!

* * *

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