An American Gulag


We are at a turn of a historical event: New age Bolsheviks have taken over United States, and are now turning them into an American gulag at an accelerated pace…

Self-proclaimed Democrats, and in fact American Bolsheviks, have taken over all the power in the United States. Let’s get terminology out of the way first. ‘Bolshevik’ in Russian means ‘One of the Majority’, as they called themselves, despite the fact they were not a majority, but had the best organization. Just like American bolsheviks call themselves ‘Democrats’, despite the fact they are not democratic at all, but have the best media&technology toolkit.

What did Bolsheviks do first when they rose to power? They eliminated opposition.

kamala threat_2.jpg

Bolsheviks used propaganda to prepare elimination, and weapons for the termination of opposition. American Bolsheviks can’t use the weapons until they disarm the population. They have to make a propaganda preparation first. So, Big Tech is censoring and taking down any dissenting voice. Parler was taken down from the Amazon servers and removed from Apple Store and Google Play.

The game is on…

In today’s America we are witnessing complete media and Internet censorship of a President! It is a way of corporations to inform the sheeple who has the real power.

Then we are witnessing demands to blacklist MAGA supporters (opposition), to de-bank them, forbid them plane flights, and even purge of Senat and Congress from the representatives who supported Trump… But the worst of all similarities with the Bolshevik dictatorship cuts deep into the division of population. Public denunciation of Trump supporters, naming&shaming, arresting, practically open season…

Duration: 2:24

…proclaiming a half of population ‘domestic terrorists’…

Duration: 2:44

…and you know what is being done with terrorists, right?

The divide is so deep that it cuts even families…


More on glaring similarities between Bolsheviks and American Bolsheviks, you can learn on Peter Lavelle’s CrossTalking with Dmitry Babich and George Szamuely:

Duration: 26:05

Trump absolutely was a clown. Pompous one, but without courage. He promised ‘draining the swamp’ and failed badly. He did destroy the myth of ‘the greatest democracy in the world’, but he certainly is not a resistance movement leader. He got to power by the votes od ‘deplorables’ who couldn’t stand the Imperial hypocrisy any more, but he is irrelevant now. Today we have really explosive mixture of 70+ million of dissatisfied people, and a single party State that threats to make a gulag out of America.

One more point

So far, those dissatisfied could disperse their energy tweeting, or sending their dissatisfaction through YouTube and Facebook posts. Now the valve is closed. All those dissatisfied ‘deplorables’ now will have to take their dissatisfaction to the streets, or – to obey. The best possible scenario would be an organization of a new party in a very short term, that could resist corporatocracy. Unfortunately, it is very hard to believe it will happen. History tells us that such things does not resolve themselves without violence.

From the January 6th events, it’s all the way downhill…

Never forget that Julian Assange was one of those who took off the mask from the corrupted political system in the U.S.

* * *

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