Corporate media in the United States are collapsing in ratings. Their lies without Donald Trump are simply not interesting any more. Speaking of Trump, where is he, and what is he doing?

We have been listening since February 7th, that he will make his own social platform that could compete with treacherous Twitter. At the same time, we saw legislative efforts in Florida and later Texas, to curb the Big Tech censorship in those states. So far, we only got a few pages of uninspiring design with a distinct presidential look. And whenever there are no clear news (or fake news) rumors are thriving.

The first rumors that Trump will save Parler have been dismissed long ago. It’s not Gab, which became a place of parody. Then we got rumors that Trump will use the services of the Campaign Nucleus platform, but Trump’s team refuted this one.

By far the most interesting rumor came from the Russian side! A political analyst RIA-Novosti news agency Dmitry Kosyrev, came up with the spectacular news that Trump is not going to make another social platform. It is simply not possible to compete with a Big Tech giants, and he knows it. According to his text, Kosyrev suggests that Trump could have a completely new approach to the problem: He wants – a parallel Internet! (Russian language)

Allegedly, the project will support tech wizards from the company named Right Forge who are dedicated to free expression, diversity of thought and an Internet based on the Bill of Rights.


Is it another of his megalomaniacal project? Could it be really done? Well, yes. Internet protocol (TCP/IP) is a fairly simple program, and skilled programmer today could probably make a better version. Trump is a billionaire, so the financing of the servers should not be a problem. The rest is on the people who are ready to jump in another CENTRALIZED iteration of Internet that is promising free speech again. Like for example Candace Owens:

Duration: 5:06

Kim Dotcom comes to mind as another who could take his part in this project. He has some bitter experiences with the governments of New Zealand and USA.

Are we really gonna have Trumpnet?

I can’t really tell you that. I was looking forward to a creation of improved, decentralized Internet V2.0 based on blockchain technology with the freedom inherently installed like an essential feature of the network. I am not sure I will live long enough to see that, but for the rest of my time, even a decentralization through a series of small, private or state Internets is better than Big Tech monopoly. Therefore, despite the fact that I am not Trump’s fan in the slightest, this time I will say:

Go, Donald, go!

Never forget that Julian Assange was one of those who took off the mask from the corrupted political system in the U.S.

* * *

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