US ELECTIONS: Closet Skeletons and Vote Stealing Competition

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Just a few days left until the election day, and skeletons are falling out of Biden’s closet so forcefully that corporate media cannot hide it so quickly…

Two weeks ago, The New York Post published a spectacular finding from the broken computer of Hunter Biden shedding new light onto the Burisma affair, Joe’s corruption and removing Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, who wanted to investigate the case. Joe Biden denied even what he was telling on front of everybody at the press conference in the council for Foreign Relations, exhibited it the text “Quid Pro Quo” for Demmies.

As soon as corporate media executed a campaign of ‘cleaning Bidens’, we had another bombshell: a witness, Tony Bobulinski, an ex-associate of Biden’s son Hunter, spoke about Biden’s lies in the eve of the final presidential debate:

Duration: 4:49

Then we had a spectacular operation of deleting this scandal from the big tech ‘social’ media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, involving their favorite candidate and his son. It was thorough, but it wasn’t enough – another scandal rose up:

Duration: 7:21

The job of corporate media is to make you to put more trust to them, than to your own eyes. And they are doing it very successfully, otherwise we wouldn’t have such media, and we wouldn’t have such two candidates. And again, in this case where we have them as they are, there would not be a real question on who is winning.

Duration: 1:22:12

You might think this truth about Biden could decide the election result, but don’t get your hope high – this is not a matter of democracy, but a matter of the votes stealing art. This will be a blatant vote stealing competition.

The trouble is – whenever we have vote stealing, someone always get angry. Very angry.

Never forget that Julian Assange was one of those who took off the mask from the corrupted political system in the U.S.

* * *

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