US ELECTION FRAUD 2020: Math Strikes Back!


Source: Kanekoa, Twitter

I have to admit that during these US Elections 2020 I’ve never checked the number of registered voters and votes, because I thought that thieves wouldn’t dare to make so obvious blunder. And I thought someone in Trump’s team of lawyers will remember to check the numbers for sure. They didn’t…

However, there are people who did checked the numbers, and found quite an interesting results. One of those people is William Binney, former NSA Tech Director, cryptanalyst-mathematician and whistleblower. He has expertise in intelligence analysis, traffic analysis, systems analysis, knowledge management, and mathematics, including set theory, number theory, and probability, but in this case you don’t need all of that. For this analysis you’ll need some official data and some simple math.

First, you will need some official state data on the total number of registered voters. The total number of registered voters in the USA is 213,799,467 out of 330,598,493.

Then, you will have to believe globalist corporate media, which stated that 66.2% of the voting-eligible population has cast their ballots…


…which should be… Drum roll, please!

141,535,247 votes

Now comes William Binney with his question:


We got the official report that out of 141,535,247, as Binney cites, there were 140,344,000 allegedly legal votes. And the result?

Source: Fox News

Biden 81,283,495 (51.4%) and Trump 74,223,755 (46.9%)

Only, if we add up both numbers, we have… Another drum roll please!

155,507,250 or 15,163,250 votes more than voters!
A spectacular result indeed!

But what is a 15 million votes on such a large country? FBI didn’t even spot it! DOJ didn’t find any evidence of fraud whatsoever! Courts dismissed all the objections! I wonder if any Court got this kind of math before the decision?

But, as I already said democracy no longer resides in the United States. This is a matter of force. Now we shall se if Trump has enough balls, support among the State Governors and ministries of force to impose a Limited Martial Law.

I wouldn’t bet on it. He is not Julian Assange.

Never forget that Julian Assange was one of those who took off the mask from the corrupted political system in the U.S.

* * *

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